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A SC fic rec list with fics from and all over LJ, this was moved over from my private journal when it started to go over the post limit. You are welcomed to leave a comment here if you've got a good SC fic not on this list. :)

Last updated on 5th September 10.

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Sephiroth x Cloud

Messages on a Fridge Door by [personal profile] fantasia0829
Oneshot. Summary: Sephiroth missed an important date with Cloud, and now he has to suffer the consequences, which includes cold shoulders and bad rumours. And weirdly enough, the only way to apologize seems to be leaving messages on a fridge door.

Endymion by Daelan/[personal profile] soera
IP. Summary: A epistolary novella; the first chapter of this fic is seen from the eyes of Cloud, who keeps writing letters back home to his mother in Nibelhelm. It covers Cloud's entry into Shinra and how he got to know Zack and later, Sephiroth.

Reflections by Kumoashi
Complete. Summary: The war between Shinra and Wutai is over, and general Sephiroth and his lover, Cloud, are taking a break to meet their respective in-laws. Unfortunately, an 'accident' happens and Sephiroth goes missing, presumably dead in Cloud's fuddled memories. In his grief, Cloud wanders off to the enemy's territory, and a worried Zack tries to retrieve him.

Shiver by Smamurai
IP. Summary: Zack arranges a vacation for him, Cloud, and Sephiroth... But things start to go a little differently than planned.

Unrequited Desires by previously-recorded
IP. Summary: When Cloud and gang accidentally stumbles upon Sephiroth in the mountains, he is captured and with that comes a long string of long forgotten memories and secrets. Also contains ZackxCloud.

The Dance by Bookkbaby
Complete. Summary: Cloud lost a bet, and now must pay the price and dress as a girl for the Halloween dance! He gets asked to dance by Sephiroth, who doesn't recognize him. Will Cloud reveal his deception when Sephiroth falls in love with 'her?

Date by Bookkbaby
Complete. Summary: Sephiroth is a prince with parents desperate for an heir. Cloud is a soldier in a different kingdom desperate enough to meet Sephiroth to try crossdressing to catch his attention.

My Valentine by Bookkbaby
Oneshot. Summary: Sephiroth receives poetic Valentines from an unknown sender. Will he accept when his Valentine comes forward and reveals himself?

All I want for Christmas by ZombieDuke
Complete. Summary: It's Christmas Eve and Cloud's having a nervous breakdown over what to get for a certain General. Will he succeed in his search or end up as a hysterical puddle of goo? Only the universe knows for certain!

Sick Leave by aphelion-orion
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud, Zack, Sephiroth, and a dress. Need I say anything else?

Mistletoe by aphelion-orion
Oneshot. Summary: Zack's plans always result in two or more people being in compromising positions. Only this time, nobody expected it to be these two people.

Sleeping Habits by aphelion-orion
Oneshot. Summary: Sharing a bed is not as easy as it seems.

Buttons by aphelion-orion
Oneshot. Summary: Everyone has buttons to push. Sephiroth just discovers a little too late that his buttons are special.

Pinned by aphelion-orion
Oneshot. Summary: Sephiroth drew himself to his full height and said with an air of absolute finality, 'I have not, am not, and will never have sex with Cloud Strife.' But he didn't count on Zack's persistent matchmaking.

Bruise by aphelion-orion
Oneshot. Summary: Sephiroth loses control and tries to deal with the consequences. Pregame.

Sale by [personal profile] aphelion_orion
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud is a slave in ancient Greece, and Sephiroth is in the market for a new slave.

Mirage of the past by Jade Tatsu
Oneshot. Summary: 500 years after Avalanche the battle against Sephiroth and his trusted generals, the Wings, is still raging. As a new group makes their run on the Crater, can the truth of 500 years of war be revealed...

The Other World by Jade Tatsu
Complete. Summary: Cloud gets sucked into an alternate reality where he was the one who had gone crazy under Jenova's influence, and Sephiroth is the one who brings Avalanche to victory. On the other hand, Shinra attempts to resurrect Jenova.

Coeurl by Crimson Skies
IP. Summary: Coincidence or Fate? A strange set of events causes a reluctant Vincent to become a young Cloud's mentor.

Fusion by Knowing Shadows
IP. Summary: Cloud Strife finds it hard to deal with what he had to do to save his world, but now the Planet will give him a chance to change things; for himself and for General Sephiroth.

? by [personal profile] knowing_shadows
Oneshot. Summary: Inside his hotel room in Gold Saucer, after a date with Aeris, Cloud is with his greatest enemy.

You Are by [personal profile] knowing_shadows
Oneshot. Summary: Seeing him again reminds Cloud of what has been lost.

Chi to Ase to namida by Akuma no Tsubasa
Complete. Summary: A retelling of Cloud's life in Shinra, but Cloud is significantly stronger here than in the game. Also, Cloud strikes up a relationship with the two most powerful men in SOLDIER, Sephiroth and Zack.

All You can Know by Akuma no Tsubasa
IP. Summary: Cloud struggles to remember and must learn to deal. Post-game sequel to previous fic Chi to Ase to Namida.

Outage by Razrantha/[profile] misskalloway
Oneshot. Summary: With the small training facility trapped in darkness, one with Mako eyes guides one without.

Darkest Nights by Razrantha/[profile] misskalloway
Oneshot. Summary: Sequel to Outage.

She is Beautiful by Razrantha/[profile] misskalloway
Oneshot. Summary: Zack needs a date urgently for the Shinra ball, and Cloud crossdresses to help. It's a win-win situation, since Cloud gets to meet his uber crush, General Sephiroth. Even if he's in a dress.

Puzzle Pieces by Razrantha/[profile] misskalloway
Oneshot. Summary: A cute little shonen ai Seph/Cloud fic for Valentine's Day. Or something like that.

Remember me by Latavia
Oneshot. Summary: Sephiroth meets up with Cloud again, and finds that while some things are easily forgotten, others stay with us forever.

The Complete Opposite by Duchness of Darkness
IP. Summary: Cloud gives Gaea a hand, but when Cloud reaches his destination, his worst nightmare comes to life. Literally. In time, though, he finds more about this mysterious and cold man as he journeys with him. ...What is it?

When I'm Gone by jen0va99
IP. Summary: Sephiroth and Cloud search for each other during the events in KH. Uses ingame dialogue. SephxCloudcentric, CloudLeon, some RikuSora, others.

Darkness Rising by Chibi Nataku
Complete. Summary: KH-verse. Cloud made a deal with Hades to search for someone, but he may have taken off a bit more than he expected. There are some in the world that wish to control him for more than his fighting ability!

Killer Instinct by Chibi Nataku
IP. Summary: Pre KH-verse. Born from alternative means, the relationship between Cloud and Sephiroth starts as last members of their race. They were meant to rule the planets, but something gets in the way and creates a severe rift between them.

Untitled by [personal profile] chibi_nataku
IP. Summary: Cross-dressing non-con man sex drabble.

Present Mirth by zail
IP. Summary: Before the events of FF7, Cloud the Shinra recruit meets Sephiroth in Midgar in a rather unconventional way with much help from Zack. I don't think this will ever be updated again, so just see it as a 2-shot PWP. ^^;;

Naughty and Nice by Kenji
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud has been receiving anonymous V-day cards for the past few days, and as he wonders who his secret admirer is, General Sephiroth suddenly comes up to the blond with a private assignment.

Perfect Possession by Lulu Nobody
Oneshot. Author's summary: So, late one night, Cloud is wandering around the Shin-Ra building (don't ask me why) and... He has a nice little visitor. Mwahaha.

Perfect Possession by Lulu Nobody
Oneshot. Author's summary: Forgiveness was not meant to be his. He was not meant to be wanted.

One Night by Arislan
Oneshot. Author's summary: PreNibelheim mission: Cloud meets his hero for the first time.

Serene by Cairi Jo
Oneshot. Author's summary: Cloud does some absent reflection and extra deep thinking about something he thought he'd never find again: Love.

Parenthood Trials by The Blue Huntress
Oneshot. Author's summary: Sephiroth tends to the infants while Cloud gets his much needed rest. [Drabble, oneshot, yaoi, MPREG, fluff, some OCCness]

Bound by Quela
IP. Summary: What if things had been different? Enemies by circumstance, tied together in more ways than they can grasp, they find themselves bound by Gaea's power until it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. Rewrite.

The Long, Hard Road by Twig
Complete. Summary: Five years after the end of the game, Hojo is in an all-out war against the Planet and the ShinRa armies, led by now-general Cloud Strife. What will happen, when ShinRa makes a desperate decision to resurrect the very person who nearly killed them all?

Nobility Ashes by Michrure
IP. Summary: As if the death of his father weren’t horrible enough in itself, Cloud must now deal with the weight of household chores and three demanding step-brothers. However, fate has a funny way of turning paupers to princes, strangers to lovers. AU/FTU.

Broken and Twisted by Love's Martyr
IP. Summary: Cloud is living in Midgar’s orphanage, starving for freedom. Meanwhile, ShinRa is on the verge of a second war with Wutai. Upon Cloud’s escape, can he find the love and care he’s never been given? Can Sephiroth gain the trust of a broken soul?

Look my Way by S.J. Kohl
Complete. Summary: Clouds tries to seduce Sephiroth and gets somewhat tangled up in his own inexperience.

In the Past by Ten Story
Complete. Summary: Cloud and Sephiroth discover one another. Written in Sephiroth's point of view during the Nibelheim incident. rated for extreme sexual content and brief language.

Of Adoration by [profile] cephyr0th
Complete. Summary: Sephiroth finds all is not as it seems in Nibelheim. Maybe he's not the only Jenova's child after all.

Summoning Ghosts by [profile] kasoku
Oneshot. Summary: Post-AC. Sephiroth is back again, somehow, but not in the way most would imagine and for a purpose no one but Cloud can guess.

What you Deserve by [personal profile] dreamcatcher
Oneshot. Summary: In the Northern Crater, Cloud followed Sephiroth into the Lifestream. He was later found washed up in Mideel. This explores the time in-between.

Request Drabbles 1 and Request Drabbles 2 by [profile] eurynome_on_ice
Drabbles. A few drabbles that were done on request at [profile] myprettypuppet. Not all drabbles are SC though.

Eglanteria by [personal profile] chibirisuchan
Oneshot. Summary: A resurrection technique that really shouldn't have worked.

The Price of Silence by Phoenix Dayze
Oneshot. Summary: Something is wrong with Cloud, and Sephiroth is determined to find out what, even if the knowledge costs him something he isn't willing to give. Darkness, Angst, Abuse, NonCon, CD.

White Rabbit by Hades' Phoenix
Oneshot. Summary: Zack, Cloud, a free evening, and some psychedelics. Planet, whatever shall they do? Well, at least we now know where Cloud got that earring.

One Winged Angel by [personal profile] queenoftheskies
Oneshot, [profile] springkink entry. Summary: Sephiroth comes back to haunt Cloud.

Green Dreams by Filthy Mushi
IP. Summary: Cloud has suffered and asked for forgiveness, but Aeris knows she cannot give him it. He must find that forgiveness and so peace where it began.

Holding Hands We'll Fall by [profile] jenovas_boy
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud, a cadet, has caught General Sephiroth's eyes in Shinra, and yet Sephiroth is unwilling to let Cloud know how much he really cares and loves him.

The Other Way Around by Bjanik
Complete. Summary: Cloud participates in one of the odder aspects of the SOLDIER program. Instead of a story with a lemon in it, more of a lemon with a story in it.

The Scenic Route by Bjanik
Complete. Summary: A peek into Seph and Cloud's life together once Cloud becomes Soldier. Sequel to The Other Way Around.

Dinner by Birddi
Oneshot. Summary: Sometimes Zack felt that he had become a mother... SephirothxCloud, VincentxZack

The Silence of the Chocobos by Amarissia
Complete. Summary: Two years after Meteorfall, Cloud seeks the help of the imprisoned Sephiroth to stop a crossdressing clone. And that's about as sane as it gets. Includes SephCloud naughtiness and yaoi naughtiness in general.

Not Like This by Amarissia
Complete. Summary: During the Nibelheim mission, Sephiroth must choose between what he wants and what Jenova demands. The story of a love that could never be, and a hatred that always was. SephCloud, yaoi, dark.

Redemption by PsychicDreams
IP. Summary: If you could go back in time, redo the past and change the future, would you do it? Even at the risk that you lose every single hard won victory you've had?

Remembrance by Sunsick Puppy
IP. Summary: The things worth remembering are the ones most precious of all.

Bad Movie by Black Materia (fic can also be found here)
Oneshot. Summary: Sephiroth and Cloud stay in for a quiet night of movie watching, or so they planned.

Of Dreams and Fate by Black Materia (fic can also be found here)
IP. Summary: A Story of Love, Life, and Sacrifice - SOLDIER Style.
Part 2

Family by TwoDevils-OneGod
IP. Summary: Hojo has discovered the means in creating his army of SuperHumans and encourages Sephiroth to pursue a relationship with Cloud. But will one night of passion lead to something more between Cloud and Sephiroth? MPreg,Yaoi

Reputation by [profile] sly_pantera
Oneshot. Summary: Sephiroth hesitates.

Choice by [personal profile] bard_linn
Oneshot. Summary: Aeris shifted, uncomfortable with her burden. That warned Cloud how terrible this request must be. First part of the Manipulation Trilogy. While this fic isn't SC, it helps to read this before the next part.

Chain by [personal profile] bard_linn
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud supposed it was his own fault he had been surprised. He should have known this would happen. The Cetra had warned him; Aeris and Zack had warned him. Hell, even Sephiroth had warned him! The former general had told him he wouldn’t become a memory... Second part of the Manipulation Trilogy.

Neuroses by [personal profile] kiraya
Complete. Summary: Try as he might, Cloud can't avoid the things lurking in the dark corners of his mind.

Dear Cloud by [profile] usagivindaloo
Oneshot. Summary: What do you do when you know the one you love can never return your feelings? What if you held the proof in your hands? And what if your best friend in the world is hiding something big? (Tifa-centric POV)

Designator by [profile] seraphitta
Oneshot. Summary: Takes place after FFVII and before Advent Children. A take on why Cloud is hellbent on receiving forgiveness and why he decides to live in solitude.

My Flesh Is Glass And Steel by tsubaki-hana
Oneshot. Author's summary: He tries to make a form more real than his own. The military wasn't what Cloud expected at all.

Freedom Fighters by [profile] electrainverted
IP. Summary: "It's about helping a man when he can't, and won't, help himself. You up for that, Spike?" Zack, First Class SOLDIER, and one of the first to rise in the ranks so quickly, disappeared from ShinRa's attention almost three years ago. Now, ShinRa's been struck by multiple infiltrations and sabotage. Even a Trooper is taken when he is the only one to see the intruder's face, but, strangely enough, not killed. What does the man want? Only one thing... And it's not for ShinRa to disappear (well, not as a first objective).

The Golden Chocobo by [profile] electrainverted
Complete. Summary: In which Cloud is a chocobo Sephiroth and Zack had saved near Gold Saucer, and he transforms into a human before joining Shinra.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Epilogue

Storm by [profile] electrainverted
Complete. Summary: Jenova isn't asleep any longer, and she wants Gaia to bow down to her. Avalanche wants ShinRa to go down in a blaze of fire. Aerith, Zack and Cloud just want Sephiroth back. Sequel to The Golden Chocobo.
Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

Those That Drown by Caroltrue
Discontinued. Summary: Sephiroth was not defeated, Avalanche failed, and Cloud's spirit drowns in everything that is left.

Voyeur by Thorne Scratch
Oneshot. Summary: After a long day, Zack sees something he doesn't like.

Memory Of Wings by [profile] kazura_uyurin
Oneshot. Summary: Killing was never easy. Had he had a choice he would never have killed anyone. But Fate just loved to have her way with him, bringing back an angel that he had thought he'd never fight again. Part I of the Between Worlds series.

In Dreams I Come by [profile] kazura_uyurin
Oneshot. Summary: He ran and ran and ran. But no matter how much he tried to escape, he could never escape from him, even in dreams. But how much of it was just a dream? How much of it... was reality?

Oneshot. Summary: Written for the FFVII Kink Meme, with the request 'Cloud/Sephiroth. Dominance and humiliation. Cloud tops, for once'.

Kittens by Sephcounttheway
Oneshot. Summary: Sephiroth and Cloud don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no babies.

Blonde Ambition by Sephcounttheway
IP. Summary: Cloud bursts out of his shell when he enrolls into the military academy. Can the power of punk rock help him get the man of his dreams?

Shadows are Secure by She Who Fears Not the Darkness
Summary: “You’re an idiot,” Sephiroth spit out, staring down at the prone, bleeding figure.“I don't care! I’m not going back,” Cloud yelled stubbornly back. The man standing over him glared down. “That’s not for you to decide..."

Eir's Tomorrow by Hades Phoenix
IP. Summary: The Planet isn't willing to let death take away its greatest weapon. If Cloud can't save the past, then he'll be damned to watch history repeat itself. TimeTravel, SxC, ZxA.

Forgotten Warriors by bloody but beautiful 4
IP. Summary: 15 year old Cloud Strife, armed with knowledge of the future and guided by his future self, sets out to change the course of history. eventual CxS

Sojourners by XD
IP. Summary: In a world where Materia is but a mere memory, the Planet demands an ancient war hero be brought back to neutralise an ancient war threat. Cloud has always been condoning of the Planet's wiles. Not quite so anymore, now that Sephiroth is in the picture. Note: This is a Cloud and Sephiroth fic, and they're not romantically involved.

Checkmate by Hiita-hime
IP. Summary: Cloud nodded vehemently, lips tight, to keep the blissful tears from spilling over again. Sephiroth dared to glance at the younger blonde. “Do you see how it works, dear Cloud?” he questioned silkily. “How love is everything here in the Lifestream?"

Chains of My Heart by Kiiro Kasai
Oneshot. Summary: I, Sephiroth, write this in my own hand. It has been hard for Zack to cope with Angeal's death, but I think Cloud helped. But now that the cadet is in severe danger of death, I can only pray to Gaia Zack does not follow after him...

Temporary Cure by Filthy Mushi
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud's got a sour mood and Zack knows the cure for it.

Myosotis by [profile] envyish
Oneshot. Summary: Angeal had never seen Sephiroth so badly hurt. Come to think of it, he hadn't really seen Sephiroth hurt at all. Sometimes, you forgot he could be. It was easy to forget that he was human. Contains SC and AZ.

AZ Wishes by TenshiGosuperu
Oneshot. Summary: Technically a crossover fic with xxxHolic, in which Yuuko is the only connecting theme in a series of fics. Two years has passed since Sephiroth attempted to destroy the world via Meteor. Since then, he and Cloud’s relationship has been on the rocks. He’s afraid that, with all the beautiful people around the blonde, Cloud will move on. How can he be sure of Cloud’s loyalty? Yuuko can give him the answers... for a price.

Just A Memory by Kiiro Kasai
Oneshot. Summary: Sephiroth will not become a memory; not like the blue-eyed boy with the bright smile and pretty laugh had.

Philter by M1y4k1
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud is wandering the streets of Midgar on his 16th birthday, thinking about his unrequited love for Sephiroth, when a fortune teller gives him a love spell. Could it be real?

The Wall by [profile] envyish
Oneshot. Summary: After a long mission in Mideel, the four turn in for the night. Hotel walls, eh? Painfully thin things, don't you think? SC, AZ

Destination Three by Little Miss Marina
Complete. Summary: *If his words were to cease, then so would my body.* After Meteor, Cloud responds to Sephiroth's call in varying ways. Inspired by KiKi doujinshi. CxS. Hints of CxT and CxA. Hard yaoi. Surreal. Somewhat AU.

Bandages by Konitsu
In progress. Summary: VII and VIII crossover. Sephiroth is not a mess easily cleaned up. In their Garden, the SeeDs find themselves with two new problems on their hands: a psychotic, silver haired mass murderer, and Cloud Strife, determined to finish what Jenova started.

Stranger by [profile] mandagin
IP. Summary: A teenage Sephiroth spends time observing a young Cloud Strife, but can't help but get involved when the boy is nearly killed. After his first contact with Cloud, Sephiroth finds he misses his company and risks Hojo's wrath to break up the monotony of life in the lab. Unfortunately, Sephiroth will soon leave for SOLDIER, but is sure to see the little blonde again.

The Hunted by [profile] cryptjo
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud hunts a blood-thirsty vampire.

A Twisted Kind of Honour by [profile] grownupneko
IP. Summary: When Cloud’s on a mission in the South, he gets captured by a Wutaian terrorist group. What follows scars Cloud’s soul permanently and, even when saved, the damage done to his mind is so great he can’t resettle back into the ranks of Shinra’s military. Is it really possible to save him after he’s been through so much? Or is he bound for Midgar’s own Asylum?

Scars of Friendship by [profile] grownupneko
IP. Summary: Sequel to A Twisted Kind of Honour. There's nothing left of what once was, nothing but the bitter taste of mako in Cloud's mouth and scars he doesn't remember getting on his wrists.

The Pitfalls of Pet Ownership by [profile] cryptjo
Oneshot. Summary: When Angeal suggests Sephiroth might like a pet, Sephiroth isn't convinced it's a good idea. Until he meets Cloud.

Painting love with Blood by [profile] angelia_jr
IP. Summary: Cloud has just been transferred to Midgar Police force. Unfortunately for him, he has caught the eye of a dangerous man that has just decided he likes blue-eyed blonds and that the best way to gain the attention of a police man is to commit crime.
Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10

Bleeding Skies 02: Calling by [personal profile] xantissa
IP. Summary: Like it or not, he needed the blond. So now that he had acquired the boy, he was going to make sure to bind him in all the possible ways.

Out Classed by [profile] cryptjo
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud is summoned by the general.

Dispensation by [profile] cryptjo
Oneshot. Summary: Trying to salve his lover's hurt feelings, Sephiroth suggests a switch in their traditional roles.

Tainted by makokitten
IP. Summary: When Cloud Strife finds himself on the wrong end of a bank robbery, he decides to fight back. It turns into the fight of his life.

Soaked night by [profile] angelia_jr
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud often goes to the club, sometimes to dance. sometimes to pick up someone so that he can forget the one he wants doesn't know who he is. This night though something changes.

Cede by [profile] angelia_jr
Oneshot. Summary: It was more than Leon really wanted to know... Sephiroth/Cloud/Leon

Preen by [personal profile] mystiri_1
Oneshot. Summary: Zack had left Cloud to take care of Sephiroth, and that was just what he was going to do.

Ashen Skies by Xenobia
IP. Summary: The world is ravaged and humankind struggles to survive against rampaging WEAPONS when the planet sees humanity as a threat that must be eliminated. AU.

Perfection by Silverhair Theory
Oneshot. Summary: Sephiroth visits his younger lover at the boy's new university halls, and has to resist the urge to clean stuff.

Bloodlines by [personal profile] hadesphoenix
Oneshot. Summary: A 'what-if' based on a few assumptions: that Hojo never took Cloud, that circumstances are stable enough to allow Cloud into the SOLDIER program, and that Sephiroth knows Vincent is his daddy.

You're Beautiful by Scribhneoir45
IP. Summary: What if there was someone out there who built there dreams around you, who saw you as their reason for living and wanted you to know.

Hunted by Tobi-Uchiha
Oneshot. Summary: The Silver Elite finds out about Sephiroth and Cloud's new relationship. This is most definitely not good.

Prisoners of War by [personal profile] xpaperplanex
IP. Summary: Sephiroth and Cloud are taken prisoner by AVALANCHE.

Twisted by [profile] nashidesei
Oneshot. Summary: He didn't understand. Still doesn't.

Il Sogno Galleggiante by [profile] neko_writes
IP. Summary: Conte Sephiroth holds extravagant parties in the floating world of Venice, however, this attracts all kinds of scoundrels, including a group of thieves led by Cloud Strife. Can Cloud resist the decadent nature of the Conte's lifestyle and remember his goal?
Part 1

Spaces Between by [personal profile] mystiri_1
Oneshot. Summary: Good things come to those who wait.

Sweet Dreams by [profile] cryptjo
Oneshot. Summary: A peek into Cloud's nocturnal imagination.

Upon Waking by [profile] cryptjo
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud wakes alone...

All’s Well that Ends as You Like It by [personal profile] makokitten
IP. Summary: Upon being rejected from SOLDIER, the only military institution which accepts women, Cloud Strife finds herself with few options. What's a country girl to do? Crossdress to join the army, of course. But this proves tougher than expected when certain events make keeping up her disguise a little more difficult. A Shakespearean-style "comedy" in five acts.

Teeth by [profile] aries_syndrome
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud takes on a dare and enters a mansion where he meets a man with silver hair. AU.

by [personal profile] makokitten
Oneshot. Summary: Even on a mission, Sephiroth is only a phone call away.

by [personal profile] xpaperplanex
Oneshot. Summary: Sometimes, you just have to take a peek… And sometimes, what you find is far too tempting.

Reflections by [personal profile] makokitten
Oneshot. Summary: 50 sentences.

Promises by
Completed. Summary: Aerith and the others sense that secrets loom between Cloud and his declared enemy. But they'd never imagine that the two are lovers. Cloud is struggling to manage these two roles, but eventually he will have to make a choice. His lover, or the planet.

Rebirth & Reunion by
IP. Summary: Two years have passed since Sephiroth was defeated at the Northern Crater, but Cloud can't shake the feeling – or the lingering hope – that his lover isn't really dead. A sequel to the fic 'Promises.'

Summer Love by [personal profile] xpaperplanex
Oneshot. Summary: Popsicles melting on a hot day lead to all sorts of fun.

Gifted by [profile] aries_syndrome
Oneshot. Summary: Genesis needs to learn that people do not make acceptable presents… Okay, maybe this time.

Lost Souls by [personal profile] makokitten
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud Strife can't help it that when he closes his eyes, he sees his hometown burning down and hears a stranger's voice taunting him. He leaves to find his answers in New York City. AU. Noncon.

Falling Together by [profile] conigliomannaro
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud’s worn out to always be there for everybody, to be the one everybody looks up to. He needs a break. He knows Sephiroth is probably the biggest mistake he can do, but may he be damned if he cares. It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter at all.

Making It Work by [profile] etrix_lists
Complete. Summary: Zack knows the Nibelheim mission isn’t going well. Taking Cloud along to dig the General out of the basement is a gamble, but his only hope. There's no way he could've foreseen everything that would result from it.

Bake Sale by [personal profile] xpaperplanex
IP. Summary: While seeking a break from the stress of Nibelheim, Cloud accidentally saves the planet. The trick now, is in keeping it saved. This is pure crack, so consider yourselves warned.

Kweh by [personal profile] rainbowserenity
Oneshot. Summary: Sephiroth isn't meant to have a pet. Zack insists. Sigh.

Touch Me by [profile] infected_pulse
IP. Summary: Romance and friendship never seemed to balance out, and what could only make it worse is a horrifying past, and a few mistakes.
Part 1 | Part 2

Life in Suburbia by [profile] aries_syndrome
Oneshot. Summary: "Now Denzel, what did I tell you?" "Don't go near Crazy Ol' Cloud's house or he'll try and convince me that he saved the world several hundred times from his boyfriend." "Very good."

Abracadabra by [profile] aries_syndrome
Oneshot. Summary: When failed magician Cloud Strife makes Aerith Gainsborough disappear at one of his shows, he's amazed that his trick actually worked. The only problem is that now he can't get her back. Now Detective Sephiroth is watching Cloud like a hawk. Oh well, at least he's hot.

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