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A LaviYuu fic rec list with fics from and all over LJ, this was moved over from my private journal when it started to go over the post limit. You are welcomed to leave a comment here if you've got a good LaviYuu fic not on this list. :)

Last updated on 3rd Mar 10.

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♣ My other fic rec lists can be found here. Included are a LaviYuu rec list for Chinese fics and another list for fic responses at [profile] dgmkinkmeme.

Lavi x Kanda

Illusions of Truth by [personal profile] miko_no_da
Complete. Summary: Kanda is starting to wonder if there is a 'real' Lavi.

Too Close for Comfort by [personal profile] miko_no_da
Complete. Summary: This mission has brought Kanda and Lavi closer than they ever wanted to be.

The Curse of a blessing by [personal profile] miko_no_da
Complete. Summary: An unexpected effect of the Innocence they were supposed to retrieve leaves Lavi and Kanda in an unacceptable situation.

Foresight is 20/20 by [personal profile] miko_no_da
Complete. Summary: Forewarned may be fore-armed, but sometimes knowing in advance isn't everything it's cracked up to be.

Silence I & II by [profile] xjust_anotherx
IP. Summary: Rabi never shuts up, Kanda thinks there might be some way to silence the redhead's annoying mouth.

Funeral Of Hearts by [profile] xjust_anotherx
Oneshot. Summary: A bookman has no need for a heart, not his own, nor anyone else's.

Top of the Tower by [profile] atthla
Oneshot. Summary: ‘Princess, oh Princess. Please let down thy hair for me...’

Awake by [profile] atthla
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi loved and hated nighttime.

Trade-Off by [profile] tenchi_bankai
Oneshot. Summary: A first meeting. Lavi builds solidarity through a common denominator.

Impasse by [profile] surelyyoujest
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda tries to leave and Lavi won't let him.

Louder than Words by [personal profile] brightdreamer and [personal profile] piecrumbs
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi has a new way to help Kanda “relax” after a long mission.

Allen Walker thinks he wants Kanda by [personal profile] nicotine_gum
Oneshot. Summary: Allen thinks he wants Kanda, but he can't help but notice how Lavi and Kanda get along with each other.

On Another Note by [personal profile] nicotine_gum
Oneshot. Summary: Despite how Kanda protested, Lavi still managed to drag him all the way to the party.

Traditions by [profile] slaveofmydreams
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi catches Kanda when he's under a sprig of mistletoe.

Sunrise by [profile] sakiru
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda watches a final sunrise with Lavi.

Hot Cocoa by [profile] sakiru
Oneshot. Summary: The flu keeps Lavi in bed, and Kanda stuck in an inn with him...

Eighteen by [profile] nagaina_ryuuoh
Oneshot. Summary: Every year on the Sixth of June, Kanda Yuu did his very best to be absolutely nowhere near Home. But Lavi knows how to celebrate it for him anyway.

Belated by [profile] nagaina_ryuuoh
Oneshot. Summary: When Lavi leaves the headquaters for a mission, little does he know that Kanda and Leenalee are carrying out their own mission inside the headquarters.

Drabbles by [profile] insaneseduction
Oneshot. Summary: 3 drabbles, named Of Ties and Of Ribbon, Sweetened Tea and Runnin’ Down Corridors…Got To Get To You.

The Gloaming by [profile] seppuku_shiro
Oneshot. Summary: 15 drabbles.

Dissonance by [profile] seppuku_shiro
Oneshot. Summary: Honey I'm home.

Tell Me by [profile] tobira_no_mukou
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi wants to know the secret behind Kanda's lotus.

The Years by [personal profile] fightfair
Oneshot. Summary: A look on Kanda and Lavi's childhood together, as shown through 10 sections.

5 Times Lavi Managed to Steal a Kiss from Kanda by [profile] haverstock
Oneshot. Summary: As the title states.

Less Than Innocent, More than Like by [profile] sayasama
IP. Summary: Lavi hasn't even been in the Order for two weeks, and he's already bored with it! Lucky for him a very interesting new exoricst comes in around the same time.

The Magic of a Name by [profile] sayasama
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda's a hunter who lives alone, except he had an orange-furred rabbit he'd picked up earlier.

Hair Care by [profile] sayasama
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda and Lavi take a bubble bath together.

While it Lasts by [profile] sayasama
Oneshot. Summary: "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?"

Look Up to the Stars that Shine Up in the Night Sky by [profile] sayasama
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi thinks Kanda might prefer stargazing to another one of the Order's birthday parties.

Beautiful by Saya-sama
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda is beautiful in Lavi's eyes, and he always will be.

Colorful by Saya-sama
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi is so full of colors, Kanda wishes to keep some of them.

Searching for Yuu by Saya-sama
Oneshot. Summary: It's Lavi's birthday and all he wants is a kiss from Kanda, his friend who isn't quite aware of the red head's feelings.

Then We Tumbled Out of Control by [profile] lemondropdead
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi and Kanda having fun in bed.

Buttons by [profile] charsomnia
Oneshot. Summary: There are many things that Kanda hates.

Countdowns by [profile] charsomnia
Oneshot. Summary: “See Yuu? You’ve lived another year.”

The Wick Effect by [profile] tnarcheska
IP. Summary: Intensity is something the Bookman Junior could appreciate, even if he could not understand it.
Prologue | Part 1

One Heartfelt, Rainy Day by [profile] wolfmoon_tsuki
Complete. Summary: It's 14th Feb and Kanda is convinced that everyone at the Order is intent on getting enrolled in a mental asylum.

Three Weeks in Bed by [personal profile] aliquoricegirl
Complete. Summary: Written on the premise 'Could Lavi and Kanda ever have any kind of meaningful relationship'.

Love and Friendship by [personal profile] aliquoricegirl
Oneshot. Summary: Whenever Kanda slips into Lavi's room, he always chooses to sleep on the ground.

Cold Morning by [personal profile] aliquoricegirl
Oneshot. Summary: Sequel drabble to Love and Friendship.

If, in winter by [personal profile] aliquoricegirl
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi's injured, and Kanda worries and nurses him in his own way.

Socializing by [profile] sekaide
Oneshot. Summary: In which Lavi tries to get Kanda to socialize, and fails miserably.

Drabble Meme by [profile] sekaide
Oneshot. Summary: Done according to the 10 song drabble meme that's been going around.

Love by [profile] tsukiria
Oneshot. Summary: Because it will, without a doubt, be the only term Bookman Lavi cannot and will never fully comprehend.

Poison Love by [profile] tsukiria
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda was like a poison to Lavi, alluring but deadly. But that was just what he thought.

Left Behinds by [profile] elict
IP. Author's summary: When the battle is over, the Bookman and his apprentice moves on to the next record. That is how it always has been, that is how it always will be.

Texts by [profile] elict
Oneshot. Summary: On Kanda's birthday, Lavi wishes him happy birthday via text messages. Part of the College AU.

Doubts by [profile] elict
Oneshot. Summary: Allen and Leenalee aren't happy with obsessed Lavi is with his work. Part of the College AU.

Keep Talking by [profile] elict
Oneshot. Summary: Bookman interrupts Lavi and Kanda's... ahem, activities in bed. Part of the College AU.

Parental Issues by Elict
IP. Summary: A certain mistake from his early youth threatens to ruin everything that Lavi’s fought his entire life to achieve. Not to talk about completely destroying his faint chances to get Kanda to warm up to him.

Grocery Shopping, Pass It Under by [profile] firstofsummer
Oneshot. Summary: 2 fics, the first of which talks about Lavi and Kanda are grocery shopping, and in the second, Kanda totally seduces Lavi while Lavi's writing a paper.

Untitled by [profile] firstofsummer
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda and Lavi have a little fun in a church.

Touch Me and the immediate sequel by [profile] moodybear
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi stumbles upon something quite surprising in the baths.

Crimson Regret by [profile] lpdrunknmunky
IP. Summary: Kanda Yu has found his newest mate, but this Vampiric smooth-talker has finally found more than he can handle in a small town man with bright red hair and a fiery personality to match.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

The Japanese Art of Kinbaku by [profile] lpdrunknmunky
Oneshot. Summary: When Lavi’s boyfriend had suggested they try something new, he had figured he meant going to new places, trying other restaurants, or hitting different clubs. Who knew he meant bondage?

Ultimatum by [profile] lpdrunknmunky
Complete. Summary: Deak, Lavi's 48th alias, has captured Allen, Lenalee and Kanda, and he wants Lavi to choose: only one will survive.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Curiosity Is For the Brave, the Young, and the Horny by [profile] lpdrunknmunky
Complete. Summary: Lavi and Kanda have a bet going on, and they want to know if they can get Allen into their little game by letting him hear them make out in the baths.

Oral Fixation by [profile] sailormac
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda has just about had it with Lavi's constant attempts at seduction. Little does he know his downfall is about to arrive in the form of a snack food...

No Regrets by [profile] eternity_quest
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi and Kanda just can't bring themselves to admit they have feelings for each other. They just wait until they are torn apart. But in their darkest moment, desperation brings new light.

Freckles by [profile] thanks4smokin
Oneshot. Summary: Yes, Lavi is in love with every perfect aspect of Yuu's anatomy. That's why, the freckles haunt his mind.

Innocence Loss by Elfra
Oneshot. Summary: It could have been a normal morning at the headquarters. Maybe it could have been a time of calm and recovery. But when Rabi and Kanda stay together in the same building, it could only be the hell breaking loose.

Photograph by [profile] marionetteblue3
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda is looking through some photographs.

For you, and only you by [profile] marionetteblue3
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi asks Kanda if he'd run away with him. It's just a hypothetical question, but he gets an answer he never thought he'd get.

Mine by [profile] marionetteblue3
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda is jealous and unsure of himself again.

Untitled by [profile] nitrojen
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi and Kanda’s morning ritual.

4.00am by neogrotesque
Oneshot. Summary: Arriving back at HQ after a mission early in the morning, they are alone.

And He Said by unmyeong
Oneshot. Summary: Begin to think that the world is there.

The Order of Things by BeLuc
Oneshot. Summary: We shall win. We shall win, we shall win, we shall win. The Earl can’t stop us.

Whore by tami3
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda has always known Bookmen were somewhat like whores. Rabi is no exception. A growing up story.

Out of Order by tami3
IP. Summary: Kanda never figured out how he managed to get over his one-dimensionality, but having feelings for Lavi are screwing him over. What sucks the most? Lavi thinks Kanda’s crush on him is pretty funny. Crack-tastic but in-character.

Thirteen minus Infinity by tami3
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda has thirteen lives and Lavi has infinity. What does love matter when the math comes up short? Dark Romance.

Hard Kisser by tami3
Oneshot. Summary: Rabi finds out Kanda is hard kisser in a way that keeps Rabi out of the way and out of his life. Sad, not dirty, but has some sexual content.

No Title by tami3
Oneshot. Summary: Before they end it. Kanda and Lavi love story.

Lovekisstouchme by Mirakuru Rein
Oneshot. Summary: Please, darling, let's take cover under the stars.

Favors series by transephera
IP. Summary: Lavi wants a favor from Kanda. Kanda is... persuaded.
Part 1: A Favor For Lavi | Part 2: No Good Deed | Part 3: Retribution

Why Kanda doesn't moan... by [profile] rinne_chan
Oneshot. Summary: Gag story, where Lavi is in the library recalling the events that led to Kanda never moaning again in bed.

Within one's grasp by [profile] rinne_chan
Oneshot. Summary: In his pursuit of a shadow, Lavi always goes after women with long, black hair. Kanda is not happy.

Porcupine Love by lilla-bis
Oneshot. Summary: Getting closer to a porcupine is difficult. All those quills will sting you. But is it any easier doing without? Deathfic.

My only love sprung from my only many hatreds by lilla-bis
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda hates many, many things. Or does he?

To love an Akuma by lilla-bis
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi/Kanda, more than just one sided in my intentions. But really this is more of a double character study... Somewhat darkish piece.

La Monde Noire by Momosportif
Oneshot. Summary: From medic ward to drinks to bed and maybe somewhere after that.

Reflection by Momosportif
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi hits first but Kanda doesn't strike back.

Unwilling Paradox by KandiLandComplex
IP. Summary: A series of unrelated drabbles and ficlets focusing on Lavi and Kanda.

Dial the number by [profile] kingston_e
Complete. Summary: Allen and Lenalee make reluctant Kanda do a phone call. But is our Yuu-chan really as resistant as he likes us to think?

Coming Home by [profile] kingston_e
Oneshot. Summary: The Bookman is dying.

Prequel to Coming Home by [profile] kingston_e
Oneshot. Summary: Why did the things go as they did? As the title says, this is a prequel for Coming Home, but from Kanda’s point of view.

Scars by [profile] kingston_e
Oneshot. Summary: Sometimes having an ability to heal fast isn’t what one needs to be recognized as a true fighter.

When you stay by [profile] kingston_e
Oneshot. Summary: Other new city and Lavi’s waiting. Will the other ever stay?

From the Inside by Sweet Neurose
IP. Summary: Junior always lived by the rules set by the Bookman Clan. And then Lavi came to be and broke them all without hesitation.

Hold On by Kuro666
Oneshot. Summary: Hold on and never let go. Kanda knows he can’t afford to lose Rabi at a time like this, because death could easily be hiding around the corner and they may never have a second chance again.

Vintage Love by Kuro666
IP. Summary: AU café fic. Welcome to Vintage Love, a small musty café located in the heart of the city. He came in for a cup of coffee and there are those waiters gossiping at the back.

A Parting Gift by Kuro666
Oneshot. Summary: When the battle is won, Rabi must leave to live his 50th life. Rabi gives Yuu a parting gift and with a kiss they part ways.

Calling You by Kuro666
Oneshot. Summary: It was Rabi's birthday, but he wasn't here. Kanda calls to demand an answer for his absence. Rabi is grateful and Kanda is upset, how do you comfort someone like Kanda Yuu, and through the phone no less.

From Dust to Ashes by Kuro666
Oneshot. Summary: Friendship RK. Set during the Level 4 fight. The fire burned to ashes and the dust finally settled over. We had to make shift of what we had now.

Inside Out by Kuro666
Oneshot. Summary: Behind God’s back, they commit the sin of lust and love. They need no reason, as they had none to begin with.

You and Me, Them and Us by Kuro666
Oneshot. Summary: No one cares when you live in a war, you just need to pick a side. And that goes for all.

Pull down the moon by Fusako-hime
Oneshot. Summary: There are certain rules. These rules are absolute in order to maintain balance. But sometimes these rules are nothing but irritating hindrances.

It started with a punch and a kiss by Winterblazewolf
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi and Kanda's relationship was a strange one to say the least. Still, it was fun while it lasted.

Perfection by Kiminaru
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi is the definition of imperfect. Kanda was the definition of perfect. The two have a talk of what it really means to be perfect.

The Daily Order by Kuro666
Oneshot. Summary: Cross was caught staring.

Asi se baila el tango by [profile] darkithil/DarkIthil (fic can also be found here)
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi helps his friend in an hour of mortal peril, but that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy himself at the time.

Subliminal Sentiments by ShallowShadows
IP. Summary: Trapped in a suddenly completely twisted reality, he only wanted to find reasons. Reasons why he was feeling this way, why his comrade was acting so strange, and why he had had such a strange dream to begin with.

Birthday Present by bookman-junior
Oneshot. Summary: It's Lavi's birthday but Kanda forgot. What will he do to make it up to Lavi?

Distant Longing by [personal profile] xtrek
Complete. Summary: Lavi is left behind at Headquarters.

7 Days in Hell by [profile] tsukiria
In progress. Summary: Whereby a misunderstanding envelopes two unsuspecting exorcists into an entire week of pure torment. And all because of a mere question posed by a random finder too.
Part 1 | Part 2

A Bookman in the Making by Sekaide
IP. Summary: All at once, Lavi is revealed to be the “heart” and, at the same time, inherits the title of Bookman… The rest to be revealed.

Blunt by ThineClementine
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi, Bookman in training, always had a head full of interesting, if not vaguely insane, ideas. But the one he enclosed to a disgruntled Kanda Yuu in the library took the proverbial cake.

Half Complete by xXNuisanceXx
IP. Summary: Kanda has a secret feelings towards his best friend but Lavi has a crush on Lenalee. What will Kanda do?

Time To Say Goodbye by beyond twilight
Oneshot. Summary: You are never coming home.

Blast from the past by Tsukiria
IP. Summary: Kanda's always been reclusive,such that his past was unknown to even Bookman Junior. Lavi had almost given up trying to find out about his past,until a certain mission leaves the cold and distant Yuu Kanda as a child with no memories of the Black Order...

Not meant to be by Winterblazewolf
IP. Summary: Lavi is a Bookman in training but he got involved with another Exorcist, Kanda Yuu. They fall in love... or do they?

Gravity of Souls by antilogicgirl
Complete. Summary: Laying low in an Akuma infested area, the exorcists split up after an attack, leaving Rabi and Kanda lost, wet, and unable to deal with emerging emotions.

Schadenfreude Slip by Swagga'
Oneshot. Summary: Rabi’s bitter and Kanda’s Kanda. When the two converge under such conditions only hostility can be expected.

As long as time will allow by Minyrama
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi swore to watch his favourite raven-haired exorcist, for as long as time would allow. But what if he himself wouldn't allow it?

Know it All by professor ren
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi always knew he would have a short life. Even when he was a child; he would sit up at night with the covers bunched around his tiny hips and ask the question why to the dark shadows of his room.

Do you mind if I sleep with you by LaraBlackEarl
Complete. Summary: Rabi wants to be the first one wishing Yuu bon voyage! But Kanda, half asleep, refuses the request. Will Rabi be able to get what he wants? Will Kanda be able to keep Rabi away from him?

Everlasting Candles by [profile] nobeansprout
Oneshot. Summary: Even Generals of the Black Order have a chance to take a break, but for Lavi, what use is such a break when the person who meant to him the most is not even around?

Untitled by [personal profile] quatrina
Oneshot. Summary: Written for Lavi's birthday, where Kanda celebrates it for him.

How to Find a Cure for Boredom: Destruction in the Making by [profile] elict
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi and Kanda's first meeting.

A Present For Lavi by Neko-sama no Kokoro
Oneshot. Summary: It's Lavi's birthday, and what does he want for a present? Why, a birthday kiss, of course!

Gift by [profile] yuuumi_sama
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi brings the last slice of cake to Kanda's room.

Heartless by [profile] kazura_uyurin
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda Yuu hated many, many things. One of them being a certain, green-eyed redhead that had somehow made all the other things he hated seem so extremely insignificant.

Love Train, a novel in the doujinshi La Famille and translated by [profile] cool_orchard
Oneshot. Summary: Following the events at Lourdes, where an innocence granted Kanda and Lavi a pair of children, the four of them were riding the train back home.

Lesson Learned by dead or alive0013
Oneshot. Summary: AU. Kanda is a transfer student. Lavi is a popular band member. High school will never be the same after that first day... Who's fault is it?

Beware of Dog by Kiete
Oneshot. Summary: AU. Kanda Yuu knew firsthand that it sucked being the new kid at a boarding school in France full of rich snobs. But when he's expected to keep up his scholarship to pay for the prestigious academy, homework is the least of his worries...

Your Call by Kobal
IP. Summary: Somewhere in the same recesses of his mind in which the thought of killing the Moyashi known as Allen Walker resided, Kanda was able to come to terms with the fact that he was in love with Lavi. A collection of LavixKanda themed drabbles.

LoveStoned by soapy-water
IP. Summary: Yuu Kanda is the captain of the kendo club and one of the richest kids in school. Lavi is a member of the journalist club when he is reluctantly forced into doing an article on the sports clubs.

Words Will Never Hurt Me by [profile] firstofsummer
Oneshot. Summary: “I’m the only one who knows how fuck-ugly you are, aren’t I, Lavi?” Kanda asked, out of nowhere. “Deep down, I mean. Other than your old man.”

Dream on by [profile] firstofsummer
Complete. Summary: “He’s not going to tell me about the flower, Gramps.” “You’re not asking well enough,” the man said, frustrated. “A little under a year and all you’ve managed is take him to bed, Lavi.”
Part 1 | Part 2

Bookmarks by [profile] aelfa
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda remembers carrying him over miles and miles, mostly in his own head.

The Words to Say by N H Arawn
IP. Summary: In a near-death moment, Lavi asked for a kiss from a girl. Little did he know it was Kanda, and that Kanda actually enjoyed it.

Hate Every Beautiful Day by Tragedy Catalyst
Oneshot. Summary: He thinks back to the one name that felt right. And the person that name loved. Post war.

Mediocrity by Tragedy Catalyst
Oneshot. Summary: The accusation of mediocrity does not sit well with Kanda Yuu. Lavi is bored and decides to provoke Kanda into a spar of more than just Innocence weaponry.

Someday the dream will end by Tragedy Catalyst
Oneshot. Summary: They both know it. They've known it since the beginning. But they will be more than just ink and a name. Dedicated to Love that has no boundaries in Time with a limit.

Lovestruck and not getting any (aka Jealousy) by [personal profile] nicotine_gum
IP. Summary: Lavi realises he needs to take action if anything's going to happen. Since Yuu is really a block of wood.

Of Thieves and Hearts by [profile] sayasama
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi's first job as a thief leads him to steal more than he had intended.

The Flower and Willow World by [profile] sayasama
Complete. Summary: In the Flower and Willow world, one is allowed to love, but only if the person they love can pay the price for them. Sadly, Lavi can't pay that price. How does love bloom in the Flower and Willow world?
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Separation and Reunion by s e r e b i i s a n
Oneshot. Summary: They say love knows no boundaries. And it's not a crime being gay, right? LK, pre-WW2, AU

Juiced by [profile] lemonlab (fic also found here)
Oneshot. Summary: When someone in Jerry's kitchen mixes up two containers of punch, Lavi and Kanda have a more interesting post-mission night than they'd planned.

More than Words by [profile] lemonlab (fic also found here)
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda is a man of few words -- but sometimes, the best comfort isn't always verbal.

Silence! by [profile] lemonlab (fic also found here)
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi comes to Kanda in the night eager and horny. Only problem: they're surrounded by sleeping Exorcists.

You Know What They Say About Rabbits by [profile] lemonlab (fic also found here)
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda doesn't want to get involved with the Order's Halloween party, so Lavi decides to bring a very private party to him.

Hot, Wet and Steamy by [profile] lemonlab (fic also found here)
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda wants a peaceful, quiet shower. Lavi wants playtime. Guess who wins?

Play With Fire, You Get Burned by [profile] lemonlab (fic also found here)
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda is suffering from a belly fried by the sun -- and Lavi's desire to offer him tender loving care.

Chocolate coated by [profile] lemonlab (fic also found here)
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda wanted a quick, peaceful midnight snack. What he got was an eager Lavi and a pot of hot, sweet stuff.

Lather by [profile] lemonlab (fic also found here)
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi wants to do something about Kanda's usual grumpy mission mood.

What Shall We Do With a Drunken Rabbit by [profile] lemonlab (fic also found here)
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi arrives in Kanda's room, crocked, singing and pretty much being the Rabbit to the 10th power.

Your Words are my Command by [profile] inucrazzes
IP. Summary: What happens when Lavi is totally not who he usually is? Mayhem.

Eden's Closet by tempusfugit3
Complete. Summary: They like to have a room to themselves. One could call it a closet of sorts.

Heart Implant by Memoryloss
IP. Summary: One heart is artificial, controlled by the one who saved his life. The other heart is made of pure flesh, beating with life and controlled by his own will. One yearns to be saved, the other yearns to save. TykiKanda and LaviYu. AU.

Control by Dhampir72
Complete. Summary: "You...stabbed me, Yuu...chan..." Yuu Kanda has always been in control, but the day he loses that equilibrium, he makes the biggest mistake of his life.

He Knew Things in French by tempusfugit3
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi and Kanda go to France via the alphabet.

Nicknames by Sailorstar165
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi and Kanda discover the truth about their nicknames for each other.

Call of Duty by [profile] wolfmoon_tsuki
IP. Summary: AU. Lavi did not know what he was in for when he managed to involve himself with the Black Order. All he knew was that he had been investigating a mafia gang’s illegal smugglings, but it had quickly elevated into something else entirely.

Song ficlets by [community profile] black_butler
3 currently. Summary: 3 ficlets done to songs.

Or maybe not by [profile] firstofsummer
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi really enjoys his books.

Working Nights by [profile] purple_craze
Oneshot. Summary: Just a short library scene, more for feel of character interaction than anything else.

Haridou by tempusfugit
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi is not very good at gift-giving. Except that he actually is.

Paper Planes by Crazy Little Feline
IP. Summary: Lavi has been sentenced to life in prison after his guardian's death. He meets Yu Kanda, a man who could change his life and potentially prove his innocence.

Sea of Sorrow by [profile] dementiamorphea
IP. Summary: The Black Order Asylum retrieves a new patient - a young man whose family had become victims of a fire...

Poison by Morphine Dementia
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi's obsession with Kanda is destroying his supposed way of life. But what does duty matter when love is involved?

No Excuses by Morphine Dementia
Oneshot. Summary: Who knew Kanda Yuu actually knows how to apologize? And definitely no one expected Lavi to be the one to get on Kanda's good side like that. But there are things between them that others aren't supposed to know...

Brain Damage by Morphine Dementia
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda doesn't bother to treat those closest to him nicely, while Lavi's unconditional love for him seems to be another form of the same madness.

Grind by Morphine Dementia
Oneshot. Summary: What is the line between love and hate? Kanda sinks deeper into the self-inflicted madness, while shutting out the only person that could help him - that is remains of Lavi.

Forgetting by [profile] ainoche
Complete. Summary: Kanda's having a bad day.

Remembering by [profile] ainoche
Oneshot. Summary: Sequel to 'Forgetting'. Early morning showers will never be the same again.

Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit by [profile] hiroya_chan
Oneshot. Author's summary: "What's that?" "Ah. Rabbit." "Rabbit?"

Distraction by Im a tiger
Oneshot. Summary: He knew it was a bad idea from the beginning; they were in public and his soba was getting cold.

Because by Nush-Mish
Oneshot. Summary: All the ways Kanda had seduced Rabi without having ever really tried once.

Slow me down by [profile] cartographique
Oneshot. Summary: "This doesn't change anything." It was such a Kanda thing to say.

Simplest Solutions by [profile] cartographique
Oneshot. Summary: It was no less ironic that Komui had conveniently assigned Lenalee and the beansprout to another mission, something involving seismic tremors the size of Antarctica.

Happy Birthday, Yuu-chan by [profile] saxon_jesus
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi is ill on Kanda's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Yuu-chan by [profile] towel_master
Oneshot. Summary: Two quick drabbles.

Behind Closed Doors by [profile] meyham_m2
Oneshot. Summary: Sometimes you shouldn't believe what you hear behind closed doors.

Lies by [profile] saphira112
Oneshot. Summary: There are lies and there are truths, but after lying for so long, sometimes it's hard to tell what is truth and what is a facade.

Ours is a Love... by [profile] nkiseki
Oneshot. Summary: Any relationship between them was doomed from the start.

Hooking Up by Nush-Mish
Oneshot. Summary: It was supposed to be a one-night stand, a one-time hookup. Except Kanda's loved Rabi since forever.

Well maybe by Nush-Mish
Oneshot. Summary: The difficulty doesn't lie in getting together, per se, but rather, it's what comes after.

Estce que je peux t'embrasser? by Nush-Mish
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda’s a student at the International High School in Japan- and one day, the new French boy arrives. AU.

Love Story by Kuro666
Oneshot. Summary: This is a love story, full of crap and all the things that this l-word brings.

One Night by Kuro666
Oneshot. Summary: He was just looking for a one-night stand, he got love instead.

Hurt by LaraBlackEarl
Oneshot. Summary: When Kanda's injury doesn't heal as fast as it normally does.

Mea Culpa by [profile] saxon_jesus
Complete. Summary: It's been five years since the war, but some demons aren't so easy to be rid of...

How to Save a Life by [profile] saxon_jesus
IP. Summary: At age 21, Lavi finally convinces Bookman to let him study at Cambridge. Though weighed down with a heavy courseload, he is secure in his resolve to be a Bookman, but his new roommate, an obviously traumatized Kanda Yuu, begins to change that.

Shame In You by [profile] dementiamorphea
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi's troublemaking earns him and Kanda a punishment of laundry duty. And if there's something Kanda won't let Lavi to get away with, it's staring at Lenalee's underwear.

Any Colour you like by [profile] dementiamorphea
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi gives him colors, Kanda gives him stability, and they both simply need each other.

Cloudy with a Chance of Isolated Storms by [profile] nkiseki
Oneshot. Summary: In which Kanda was a pop idol, Lavi finds music videos, and they have their first fight.

You Can't Fool Me by [personal profile] tossino
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi has always been fake. Kanda knew that. But it was only when they became really close that he found out just how right he had actually been.

Fic dump by [profile] merueru
Multi-chap & oneshot. Summary: Two fics (Belle of the Ball and Sleepover), where the former is incomplete and features TK and the latter is a oneshot.

Rule Breaker by [profile] ainoche
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda does not want to go to prom. And he really doesn’t want to go to prom with his idiot friend, Lavi, either.

This One Time at Band Camp... by [profile] saxon_jesus
Complete. Summary: Lavi can't keep his eyes off of the new field commander, the stoic Kanda Yuu. Will Lavi disregard his Bookman training or will he be forced to stop playing the music he loves?

Breathe for Tomorrow by [profile] beeizzle
Oneshot. Summary: After months of Lavi’s absence, Kanda begins to succumb into himself, living through dreams and thoughts that he can’t realize.

Complicated by bloodiedangle
IP. Summary: Lavi's feelings for Kanda are reciprocated. But Kanda keeps avoiding any physical contact and denying Lavi his... needs. So Lavi corners the samurai and gets it going only to find out that he is, in fact, a she.

Public Humiliation by [personal profile] miko_no_da
Oneshot. Summary: A bet is a bet, after all.

Drabbles by [profile] saxon_jesus
Drabbles. Summary: Done according to songs played randomly by a iPod shuffle.

Blurry by [profile] annette_aoi
IP. Summary: Kanda didn't want a roommate. But when money is tight he's forced to compromise. Too bad his roommate just so happens to be the most annoying person he's ever laid eyes on.

Forbidden Doors by [profile] saxon_jesus
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi and Kanda get stuck in the woods, alone, out in the middle of nowhere. With a bear.

Forgetting by Nush-Mish
Oneshot. Summary: The night starts here, the night starts here- forget your name, forget your fear.

The Church of What’s Not Happening by [personal profile] su_dama
Oneshot. Summary: What happened and did not happen in a church.

Blue Caravan by [profile] theladymorana
Complete. Summary: After the war ends, the exorcists go their separate ways. Even if they do so with heavy hearts.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

The Crystal Ship by [profile] dementiamorphea
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi doesn't believe in fairytales, but Kanda seems to be living in one. Can the warmth of a kiss break the crystal prison of solitude and destroy the poison apple?

Icicle by [personal profile] cesia
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda said, "I wouldn't eat that. It looks retarded."

Too Much (to Apologize For) by [personal profile] harmony283
Oneshot. Summary: Written for the DGM Kink Meme with the kink 'Kanda is in denial about wanting Lavi, but he snaps one day and ends up raping Lavi.

Beat Your Heart Out by [profile] filthypages
Oneshot. Summary: It's a hot summer day, and they've been stranded in an unknown place.

You Have Yourself to Blame by Tossino
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi has himself to blame when he steps over the line and comments on Kanda's hips. Not that he thinks it's really a bad thing...

On High by [personal profile] mugen_edamame
Complete. Summary: There's been a death in the family, trouble at work, and Kanda Yuu feels very uncharitable towards the Universe. Then during one of his routine trips to struggle with the meaning of life (and fucking pigeons) on the rooftop he steps on someone. Enter Lavi.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

100 LaviYu Themes by [profile] sky_ciel
Oneshot. Summary: The first of 100 LaviYuu themes.
Introduction | Love

Still Raining by [profile] saphira112
Oneshot. Summary: There isn't any love in this act. It's only a means to get the frustration out, the raw, undulating frustration that seems to be the bane of their existence.

Curiousity Kills by Tossino
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi doesn't believe that curiosity is a bad thing. He always does what his curiosity like a gnawing parasite wants him to do. He learns the hard way that it's not always so wise.

Feelings by [profile] destinette
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda has just returned from a mission and Lavi’s worried and goes looking for/annoying him.

Nothing Like A Good Extraction by smokingace
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda is on a mission to solve his vampirism. High School AU series.

Three Days Grace by Nush-Mish
IP. Summary: His lotus failing to work seems like neither a blessing nor a curse. But then he's left blind and incapacitated, trying to pick up the broken pieces of his life, and suddenly, falling in love is the least of Kanda's worries.

Environmentally_Friendly by hearmelaugh
IP. Summary: In which Kanda is a friend of the environment, Lavi can't decide whose friend he wants to be, and heavy machinery is kicked around. Nothing is simple when the most stubborn boy in the world insists on being green. AU.

It's All In How You Perceive It by [personal profile] sull89
Oneshot. Summary: When forced to dress as woman, Lavi wondered why he and his lover shouldn't just take it one step further...

Wear what? by [personal profile] sull89
Complete. Summary: Kanda wishes, more than anything, that he hadn't made that bet...

Allen Stopped Eating by [personal profile] sekitx2
Oneshot. Summary: While eating, Allen asks Kanda a question he's going to wish had never crossed his mind. Kanda's reply inspires Lavi into an action he miscalculates on all the consequences of.

The First Times by Nush-Mish
Oneshot. Summary: No matter how Kanda added up the First Times that Lavi stole, it only ever spelled out that they weren't really best friends. Love, life and growing up.

Chance Encounter Next Door by [profile] aquatix
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi had not expected to enjoy the year end.

For Whom the Bell Tolls by [profile] wordsofrandom
IP. Summary: Trapped in the depths of Kanda’s memory lies the truth that years of lies and experiments have hidden. Picks up from chapter 189.

A Present for Christmas by [profile] destinette
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda isn’t one to celebrate Christmas but there is someone who’s ready to fulfil his long forgotten wish for Christmas…

Sodden Rabbits by [profile] saxon_jesus
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi is an idiot and gets jam into Yuu's hair. The dark-haired man requires revenge.

Black and white by [personal profile] ca_te
Oneshot. Summary: A quiet moment between lovers.

Night Time Surprises by [profile] kazura_uyurin
Oneshot. Summary: A science department accident turns Kanda into a catboy.

As Light by [personal profile] ca_te
Oneshot. Summary: It's true that he doesn’t know anything about loving people and about Yuu, but he can learn.

Cruelty by [personal profile] mugen_edamame
Oneshot. Summary: Physical wounds don't hurt as much as the ones you carve into your heart, but they can't be fixed with a kiss.

It must be nice to be the sun by [profile] ann_fish
IP. Summary: I'm telling ya, man, daily life isn't always easy when you're in love with your supposedly best friend, who is ALSO a male. Especially when said friend is violent with little to no sympathy... Poor me.

2 drabbles by [personal profile] a1y_puff
Oneshot. Summary: 2 LaviYuu drabbles.

7 drabbles by [profile] kingston_e
Drabbles. Summary: 7 separate drabbles.

Don't Watch Me Fall by [profile] yukanda_lavi
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda is on the verge of death, and he goes through all his life from his childhood until the events which drove him dying on that floor.

Under the Sky at the Border of the World by [profile] yukanda_lavi
IP. Summary: Because of a series of unfortunate events conjunction the four exorcists leave the Black Order determined to never come back again. Haunted by their enemies and also by their comrades, will Kanda and Lavi find a safe place where they can live together in peace?

From Doomsday to Doomsday by [profile] yukanda_lavi
IP. Summary: A Japanese Officer, Kanda Yuu, is sent to Germany before WWII break out to assist the German future ally for the investigations about some classified information leaks. Assigned against his will to the Third Reich's SS corp he has to comply with unpleasant orders. During one of this tasks he meets Lavi, which sets off a chain reaction.

Note: You're welcomed to leave fic recs in comments. However, do note that I started this list mainly for myself, so I only add fics which I like. Don't take it personally if your fic is not here.

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