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A LaviYuu fic rec list with fics specifically from [profile] dgmkinkmeme, this was moved over from my private journal when it started to go over the post limit. You are welcomed to leave a comment here if you've got a good LaviYuu fic not on this list. :)

Last updated on 5th September 10.

Also, to all the anon authors who responded to the dgmkinkmeme and would like to be acknowledged and/or have a title for your fic and/or have another link on your own writing journal, please also drop me a comment and I will make the necessary changes. :D

♣ My other fic rec lists can be found here. Included are a LaviYuu rec list for Chinese fics and another list for fics found at and LJ.
[profile] dgmkinklist: A list of all the fulfilled requests on [profile] dgmkinkmeme

Momma and papa should get along
Oneshot. Prompt: Benevolent!father Rabi and abusive!mother Kanda.

Oneshot. Prompt: Improper uses of Oodzuchi Kodzuchi.

Oneshot. Prompt: Kanda/Lavi in that order with Mugen as a temporary dildo.

Oneshot. Prompt: Hair bondage.

Oneshot. Prompt: Komui gives Kanda an enema, and Kanda is either drugged before or drugged during, bound, and left for some poor, unsuspecting Exorcist to come find.

Untitled by [profile] badass_uke
Oneshot. Prompt: Lavi/Kanda, Kanda losing control/begging. Bonus points for aphrodisiacs/drugs.

Untitled by [personal profile] aliquoricegirl
Oneshot. Prompt: Kanda solo, maybe being watched/walked in on.

Oneshot. Prompt: Phonesex via wireless golem.

Oneshot. Prompt: Possessive-seme!Kanda and horny!Lavi, with growling and bondage on top.

Oneshot. Prompt: Don't drop the soap Yuu.

Oneshot. Prompt: Jealous Kanda + Unsuspecting Lavi + bathroom!sex.

The Value of Silence
Oneshot. Prompt: Lavi needs to find a better use for that mouth of his.

Oneshot. Prompt: Anal beads on Yuu.

Oneshot. Prompt: Sword sex.

Oneshot. Prompt: Fighting to be the seme and clothes being slowly discarded.

Oneshot. Prompt: Crossdressing.

Perception of the Blind
Oneshot. Prompt: Kanda comes back from a mission that went wrong and being true to character, instead of wanting to talk about it, he wants Lavi to make him bleed, make him cry.

Oneshot. Prompt: Inkbrushing on someone's skin.

Oneshot. Prompt: Brutal bloodplay and violence galore.

Oneshot. Prompt: Dark!Lavi/Kanda. The role of the 49th is over, and Bookman Jr. makes sure Kanda knows that all-too well.

A Little Too Close
Oneshot. Prompt: Some nookie in the science department during the move before they got chibi-fied.

Oneshot. Prompt: Lavi/ girl!Kanda.

Complete. Prompt: Femme!KandaxLavi pregnant fic, maybe with Kanda being turned into a female by some innocence that does fertility stuff and ends up pregnant.

This is how we break
Complete. Prompt: Kanda's first time and him being all hesitant. oh, and Lavi has no idea its Kanda's first time till it's over.

Complete. Prompt: A fic with Kanda on top.

Icy Cold
Complete. Prompt: Ice cube up Kanda's ass.

Complete. Prompt: Birthday celebration.

Complete. Prompt: Lavi/Kanda smexin' in their train compartment on their way to a mission, and they get a little too loud.

Complete. Prompt: Necktie.

All Things Considered
Complete. Prompt: Kanda confessing his feelings to Lavi. He may or may not say the words “I love you” as long as it’s clear he is romantically attracted. And he confesses knowing they would meet again – neither Kanda nor Lavi are to die/leave.

IP. Prompt: Mystery person/Kanda, Lavi/Kanda. Kanda being blindfolded, gagged, and bound; then being raped that way by Mystery Person. Then Lavi figures out what happens and comforts him and they have comfort-healing sex.

Complete. Prompt: Mystery person/Kanda, Lavi/Kanda. Kanda being blindfolded, gagged, and bound; then being raped that way by Mystery Person. Then Lavi figures out what happens and comforts him and they have comfort-healing sex.

Bloody Mary
Complete. Prompt: Kanda's lotus fucks up when Lavi and Kanda are on a mission together. Lavi wakes up to Kanda coughing up blood.

Little Birdie
IP. Prompt: Lenalee is interested in Kanda so his boyfriend gets jealous and decides to punish him with some violent and sadistic sex. Insert any kinks you want: bondage, blood, etc. And please make Kanda be an adorable and submissive uke.

Are those rabbit ears?
Complete. Prompt: Kanda and ...girl!Lavi.

Complete. Prompt: Slow!lovemaking at the new headquarters. Extra points if someone watches.

Roasted Corn is Sweet
Complete. Prompt: A fic involving Kanda, Lavi and CORN.

Untitled by [personal profile] aliquoricegirl
Complete. Prompt: Against a brick wall in an alley with clothes on, or partly on.

Laundry Service
IP. Prompt: Something involving Lavi's pants from his second uniform. They can be worn, not worn, put on, taken off, or just draped over a chair.

All's Fair in War and Love
Complete. Prompt: Bondage with Lavi's scarf and/or one of Kanda's many belts.

Complete. Prompt: Kanda and Lavi with Kanda on top.

College Days
IP. Prompt: Kanda/Lavi in college!AU. ICness and as slow and erotic as possible.

We gotta be even
Complete. Prompt: Response to the dgmkink meme, in which 'Lavi and Kanda are in a mission in Russia and Lavi decides to get Kanda to try one of the country's specialties: Vodka' was requested.

Untitled by [profile] loveambulance
Complete. Prompt: Lavi/Kanda, sensual massage after relaxing in the communal baths that ends in hot sex.

A Sword's Virtue
Complete. Prompt: Lavi asks Kanda for permission to check Mugen "for research" as a Bookman J, and Kanda being turned on by honor and care with witch Lavi inspecting his katana.

Night Time Surprises
Complete. Prompt: A science department accident turns Kanda into a catboy. Smex with one of the other OT4 members (or Daisya, if you prefer) follows.

As pure as we can be
Complete. Prompt: Kanda, still as stubborn as ever tries to hide his true desires because...he is Kanda. "I'm gonna make you love me" - Lavi.

Complete. Prompt: Kanda and Lavi, with Kanda topping from the bottom, because he knows what he wants. Let him be the one to give orders this time, instead of how he usually just ends up taking it.

A Fine Mess (fic also found here)
Complete. Prompt: Anyone/Kanda, and Kanda's hair, and Kanda getting turned on by someone innocently massaging his scalp, brushing his hair, or something of that nature.

IP. Prompt: Kanda and Deak/Deke team up and screw Lavi.

Darkness (fic also found here)
Complete. Prompt: Dark!Lavi or Deak x Kanda.

Keeping up Appearances (fic also found here)
Complete. Prompt: Lavi and Kanda are attending a ball as a couple, and Lavi screws him in the hallway outside the ballroom.

Complete. Prompt: Kanda works as a placement/trainee at a photo studio and Lavi's a model.

It comes with the business
Complete. Prompt: Lavi/Prostitute!Kanda and business transactions.

IP. Prompt: Noah!Lavi/Kanda, where Lavi finally having the power to claim Kanda after becoming a Noah'.

The Touch
Complete. Prompt: Lavi finger-fucking Kanda in public.

Complete. Prompt: Sex in water at night.

Heaven or Hell
Complete. Prompt: Kanda does a lap-dance and remain IC.

Laws of Universe (fic also found here)
Complete. Prompt: Stripper!Lavi.

IP. Prompt: Kanda hasn't had anyone hold him since his mother died and is now in dire need of a hug.

A Sideways Fairytale Gone Wrong
Oneshot. Prompt: Lavi as the prince and Kanda as the Sleeping Beauty.

Oneshot. Prompt: Erotic and sexy.

Oneshot. Prompt: Uke-Kanda in the field of lotus.

Oneshot. Prompt: Lavi jerking him off and Kanda being so deep in denial about liking it.

Oneshot. Prompt: Kanda wetting himself in the presence of another person.

Oneshot. Prompt: Morning after scene.

Oneshot. Prompt: Sword fucking with the sharp end.

The Meeting Of
Oneshot. Prompt: Medieval!AU.

IP. Prompt: Lavi/Female!Kanda & marriage/consummation of marriage.

Interesting Nights
Complete. Prompt: Sex while one of them is on the phone.

Complete. Prompt: Halloween, costumes and sex.

Complete. Prompt: AU, alcohol, Popsicle (or banana), use of the radio (somehow), denied pleasure, Marie or Tiedoll walking in.

Throwing your weight around
Complete. Prompt: Allen or Lavi see Kanda woo and completely bring a person to their knees to get something he wants.

Complete. Prompt: Teacher-student relationship and sex on a desk.

Complete. Prompt: Angry shower sex.

IP. Prompt: Kanda/fem!Lavi -- with Lavi as a bar singer.

IP. Prompt: Invisible Lavi doing dirty things to Kanda in public.

Oneshot. Prompt: Rope, squeaky chair, and "shhh, you're in the library!"

Blame the Dessert
Complete. Prompt: AU, alcohol, Popsicle (or banana), use of the radio (somehow), denied pleasure, Marie or Tiedoll walking in.

Too Much
Complete. Prompt: Kanda is in denial about wanting Lavi. Then one day he ends up snapping, and in a bout of temporary insanity ends up raping him. Kanda then either regains control of himself half way through, feeling terribly guilty but unable to stop before he finishes, or he regains control after, mortified about hurting his friend.

Break Myself by [personal profile] harmony283
Oneshot. Summary: Sequel to Too Much.

Complete. Prompt: Kanda finds himself under the influence of a strong aphrodisiac and has no idea what's wrong with himself. Komui's away, and he's too embarrassed to show the nurse or Lenalee, so he goes to Lavi for help. Of course, Lavi is more than happy to 'assist' him. Confused, horny Kanda FTW!

What Happens on the Side of the Road...
Complete. Prompt: Car smex.

Complete. Prompt: Sex in little or no gravity situation.

Untitled by [personal profile] sull89
Complete. Prompt: Lavi wins a bet and Kanda has to do what he says for 24 hours. That includes dressing in an extremely short kimono.

Complete. Prompt: Lavi/female!Kanda/Allen. Double penetration.

Bookmen Have No Heart
Complete. Prompt: Kanda thinks he loves Lavi. Lavi is determined to prove him wrong. Rough sex.

Too Little
IP. Prompt: Because of the lotus, Kanda is slowly forgetting things. After forgetting Lavi for a while, Lavi gets fed up and strongly 'encourages' Kanda to remember who he is.

Complete. Prompt: Lavi becomes obsessed with the ultimate question: Does Kanda wear boxers or briefs? So after going through his laundry and draws without any successful discoveries, Lavi decides the best course of action would be to just pull down his pants, only only to find out Kanda goes commando.

Complete. Prompt: Cruelty.

All Your Fault by [personal profile] lady_ganesh
Complete. Prompt: Sex in a moving vehicle.

Mood Ruiner by [personal profile] harmony283
Complete. Prompt: uke!Kanda who acts all rough and tough through the foreplay, but when your seme-of-choice actually penetrates him, he just loses it.

Complete. Prompt: An auction where Kanda is being sold for a night and a day. Seeing his crush in such a situation, Lavi bids for him and eventually buys Kanda.

IP. Prompt: Kanda and Lavi work in a convenience store, and due to bad behavior, are stuck restocking the shelves after hours. One thing leads to another and needless to say, they don't get much done.

Complete. Prompt: Animalistic/aggressive Kanda. Kanda scratches and bites Lavi, but still lets him top him (from behind, preferably), although he growls and whines throughout.

Complete. Prompt: Non-con TK, and Lavi's forced to watch.

IP. Prompt: Sex in someone else's wardrobe, and that person walking into the room while they're doing it.

What Ignorance of Grown up Things Can do
IP. Prompt: What if Kanda, gorgeous hot bastard that he is, remained oblivious and innocent even now that he is 18 years old?

In Despair We Trust
IP. Prompt: Kanda crying and in character.

Complete. Prompt: Kanda/Lavi, with Lavi in a Chinese dress.

Oneshot. Prompt: Wake-up sex.

Oneshot. Prompt: Lavi/female!Kanda, with blanket or Lavi's scarf bondage/trapping.

Oneshot. Prompt: Lavi knows that Kanda is beautiful, and fear that others will try to steal him away makes him possessive. So when they have sex he tries to leave as many marks (bites, scratches, hickeys, cuts, bruises, burns) as he can on Kanda, so that Lavi feels he ugly enough that no one else would want him. But they always disappear by morning.

Complete. Prompt: Kanda discovers one of Lavi´s personal journals which contains the redhead´s fantasies and photos about him. What to do now? Giving the rabbit what he wants... obviously.

Complete. Prompt: Drunken!Kanda coming on to Lavi.

In his sleep
Complete. Prompt: Lavi is a heavy sleeper and sometimes Kanda fucks himself on him while he's alseep. Unfortunately, Lavi remains oblivious that Kanda has feelings for him.

Complete. Prompt: Kanda in women's lingerie.

Complete. Prompt: Accidental stimulation, if possible at a really inconvenient place/time, like in the middle of a mission, on a train carriage in the lunch hall.

Does Exorcist Kanda Yuu of the Black Order Like Green Eggs and Ham?
Complete. Prompt: LaviKanda, as recorded in one of Lavi's (probably hidden) logs, but in the style of Dr. Seuss.

Complete. Prompt: Sex while Kanda is injured.

Complete. Prompt: Lavi mercilessly fingering Kanda's clit while she's making dinner. Female!Kanda.

IP. Prompt: Sex in someone else's wardrobe, and that person walking into the room while they're doing it.

In his dreams
Oneshot. Prompt: Lavi jerking off and elaborately fantasizing about having sex with Kanda and being vocal about it. Lavi's feelings are completely one sided, and he knows it.

Oneshot. Prompt: A fic starring Lavi as the prince and Kanda as the Sleeping Beauty.

Note: As mentioned, you're welcomed to leave fic recs for me in a comment. However, do note that I started this list mainly for myself, so I only add fics which I enjoyed reading. Please do not take it personally if your fic is not here.

Also, please leave fic rec comments in the following format to make it easier on me:

Title of fic:

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