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An AreKan fic rec list with both Chinese and English fics and also some general DGM fics, this was moved over from my private journal when it started to go over the post limit. You are welcomed to leave a comment here if you've got a good fic not on this list. :)

Do note that I'm not a really big AreKan fan, so I'm very selective.

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Allen and Kanda

Rose Tinted by [personal profile] fantasia0829
Oneshot. Summary: Allen thinks that Kanda is beautiful in a very dangerous, heartbreaking way, especially when Kanda is exceptionally close to Lavi. Onesided Allen/Kanda, LaviYuu

腳踏車 by sun5hap
Oneshot. Language: Chinese. Summary: Allen and Kanda are traveling by bicycle. Too bad neither of them seem to be any good at it. Crack(?).

暗戀 by sun5hap
Oneshot. Language: Chinese. Summary: Despite loving Kanda, Allen can only watch him from afar for Kanda already has Lavi.

IP. Summary: Response to the dgmkink meme, in which 'Allen is jealous of LavixKanda and AllenxKanda non-con follows, and extra love it if it's on a train' was requested.

Kanda, onna! by dead or alive0013
IP. Author's summary: When Allen was sent to assist Kanda in a mission, they definitely didn't expect Kanda to become a woman. Allen/Kanda, Lavi/Kanda

IP. Summary: Response to the dgmyaoikink meme, in which 'Mpreg fic. Allen/Kanda. In that order. Possessive!Allen just can't understand why his beloved's suitors haven't given up yet?!' was requested.

Fly me to the sky by kiri coil
Oneshot. Author's summary: In which Allen is a young businessman who is terrified of flying, and Kanda is the young pilot unlucky enough to get Allen as a passenger.

Orpheus by kiri coil
Complete. Author's summary: Kanda’s time is running out and he has to find that one person to take away the curse before then. Yullen!

Countdown to Love by Setos Darkness
Oneshot. Author's summary: Everybody wants to be Kanda Yuu's date for the graduation party, but it seems that the best candidate is the new transfer student, Allen Walker. Twelve months, two hearts, one feeling.

Who's Stupid by kiri coil
Oneshot. Author's summary: Ever since Allen Walker transferred in, Kanda has been stuck at the number two ranking in school. School AU. Oneshot. Yullen!

Lavender House by kiri coil
Oneshot. Author's summary: When Kanda’s old lover dies in an accident, Kanda finds himself unable to move on, but then he finds a mysterious boy sleeping outside one morning and to his surprise, Allen Walker has the same face as his deceased boyfriend. AU. Yullen!

Studio Valentine by kiri coil
Oneshot. Author's summary: In which Allen is an amateur pianist who got lucky with a record deal... now if only his sound engineer wasn't such a jerk. Yullen!

Fog by [profile] nobeansprout
Oneshot, part 1 of a Noah!Kanda and Noah!Allen arc. Summary: This is the first he’s consented to take the communal bath with us, and I guess I should be surprised. He was never the type to stick to communal baths despite being Japanese.

The Making of Tragedy by by Nerva al'Thor
Oneshot, part 2 of a Noah!Kanda and Noah!Allen arc. Author's summary: If one's hatred for Innocence is so great, this hatred can give rise to a Noah of terrible abilities...

Like Them All by [profile] nobeansprout
Oneshot, part 3 of a Noah!Kanda and Noah!Allen arc. Summary: The other Exorcists took Kanda for granted, dismissing him as an invincible fighter without realizing that he was in pain. And now they were going to regret it.

Yet The Hands Of Time Move Onward by [profile] nobeansprout
Oneshot, part 4 of a Noah!Kanda and Noah!Allen arc. Summary: “Why me…?” “Because you were the only one who cared. And so I will care about you too.”

L'autre côté de l'échiquier by [profile] nobeansprout
Oneshot, part 5 of a Noah!Kanda and Noah!Allen arc. Summary: Set a few months after Like Them All, about Kanda and Allen's entering the Noah household.

Disharmony by Nerva al'Thor (fic can also be found here)
Oneshot, part 6 of a Noah!Kanda and Noah!Allen arc. Author's summary: No, Allen Walker became Noah not because of such grandiose and vain things. His reason was simple enough. His reason was in his arms.

Chef-d'œuvre de négligence by [profile] nobeansprout
Oneshot, part 7 of a Noah!Kanda and Noah!Allen arc. Author's summary: She’d always pinpointed that moment as the first crack on their friendship. After that Kanda had drifted away from her, and she dismissed it as sheer vanity on his part. He had always been difficult to crack, and she had to admit, her patience had worn thin.

Sweet Path, Come Home by [profile] may_unleashed
Oneshot, part 8 of a Noah!Kanda and Noah!Allen arc. Author's summary: “Bad moyashi, no more innocence-destroying time for you” -the mocking voice taunted, sing-song like- “Now, get me my candy eh?”

Dark Chocolate by [profile] nobeansprout
Oneshot, part 9 of a Noah!Kanda and Noah!Allen arc. Summary: Tyki was one step ahead of Chris, having gained access to Kyuuya's private chambers with a box of the world’s best sweets before the other could.

Forking Road by [profile] nobeansprout
Two-parter, part 10 of a Noah!Kanda and Noah!Allen arc. Summary: Kyuuya bent low in reply, mouth resting against the corner of his lips. “I’ll tell you a secret… ...Today there is no Illusion.”

1sentence by [profile] nobeansprout
Oneshot, part of a Noah!Kanda and Noah!Allen arc. Summary: 50 sentences about Kyuuya and Christopher.

Empty Broken Cages by [profile] may_unleashed
Oneshot, part of a Noah!Kanda and Noah!Allen arc. Summary: Without realizing when or how or why, Allen Walker had followed Kanda Yuu into the most unthinkable situation.

Complete. Summary: Response to the dgmkink meme, in which 'Cross as a mother hen towards Allen and obstructing Kanda in his courting of Allen' was requested.

Koi Shiyou by dark1408
Complete. Author's summary: Indeed, Allen Walker had done what everyone thought impossible, that was to get Yuu Kanda to love, again. AU, Fem!Kanda

The Walker Syndrome by sachiroyurei
In progress. Author's summary: Taking an internship at a mental asylum, Kanda finds the patient he is assigned to, a mere boy of fifteen so...misplaced in that institute. It was as if...Allen Walker was a normal person. But is he really meant to be here in the first place? AU.

IP. Prompt: Allen/Fem!Kanda. Kanda is Allen's favorite whore. And she is pregnant by him.

IP. Prompt: Noah!Allen x Kanda and a wedding in front of the Noah family with the Millennium Earl as the priest.

Oneshot. Prompt: Noah!Allen/Noah!Kanda. To them, Innocents are not to be destroyed, but collected as sex toys.

Threesomes including Lavi and Kanda

The Grieving Process by [profile] bloodi_corset
Complete. Summary: In the days where Allen is believed to be dead, Kanda finds solace in Lavi. In the days where Allen is known to be alive, Kanda finds solace in no one. [AllenxKanda, LavixKanda]

Compunctious by [profile] mortalhelix
Oneshot. Summary: There were many things he wanted to say to them, so many. But his heart fake and twisted. He long since stopped feeling with it. In the end, if he says nothing, it will hurt less for everyone involved. [AllenxLavixKanda]

Eyes by Firemoon
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda liked Allen. Allen liked Rabi. And Rabi? He watched.

Being Found by Nyu-sama
Oneshot. Summary: A Bookman has no need for a heart, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have one, it's only waiting to be woken up.

Heat by [profile] yakaji (fic can also be found here)
Complete. Summary: Lavi, Kanda, and Allen all sharing an explicitly intimate moment in the Black Order's public baths, thanks to some pherochemical help from Komui Lee. Heat does wonderful and terrible things to young boys in love.

Candy by [profile] annette_aoi
IP. Summary: Kanda's starving on the street, when a stranger comes up, offering to give him food. He quickly falls into a trap he can't back out of. AU. TykixKanda, LaviYuu.

Other pairings

The Gentleman and the Womaniser
Complete. Summary: Response to the dgmkink meme, in which 'CrossxKanda, AllenxKanda, clueless!Kanda. Well, Cross sees Kanda and immediately took a liking to him, what with him being pretty and all. Allen, however, has a thing for Kanda himself, and refuse to let Cross have him. Thus, a triangle was born. And admist it all, Kanda remains clueless (though unnerved by the attention he's getting)' was requested.

Complete. Summary: Response to the dgmkink meme, in which 'Komui/Kanda; deathfic & post-war. Remembering at Lenalee's wedding' was requested.

Complete. Summary: Response to the dgmkink meme, in which 'one character has to explain everything they're doing out loud in the DRIEST POSSIBLE language' was requested. This is a Lavi/Kanda/Allen/Lenalee.

Love and Soba by [profile] yakaji
Complete. Summary: Response to the dgmkink meme, in which 'Kanda's deepest darkest secret of being the only virgin in the Black Order is revealed. Everyone is turned on by this and thus a mass battle begins to see who can bag the Japanese in bed first. Extra love for clueless Kanda, lame/sleazy pick-up lines that Kanda doesn't understand, and naughty thoughts from the main characters.' was requested.

Complete. Summary: Response to the dgmkink meme, in which 'papa!Allen with mama!Komurin and Rabi and Kanda as their incestuous and useless children. "Now everybody is happy!"' was requested.

Joy to the World by [profile] nobeansprout
Complete. Summary: Team Tiedoll always puts up a performance for the Order's annual Christmas party. Who'd have expected Kanda to sing so well?
Part 1 | Part 2

Lead, I Follow by Nerva al'Thor
Oneshot. Summary: In his own way, General Yu Kanda knew how to mourn, if only a little differently from a ‘normal’ human being.

Note: As mentioned, you're welcomed to leave fic recs for me in a comment. However, do note that I started this list mainly for myself, so I only add fics which I enjoyed reading. Please do not take it personally if your fic is not here.

Also, please leave fic rec comments in the following format to make it easier on me:

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