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My shelves have unfortunately run out of space and my wallet is too empty, so just selling a couple of doujinshi. I got some of them while I was overseas, and others were bought online.
Take a look? :D

However, I don't have paypal, so due to lack of payment methods, I'm gonna open this only to Singaporeans through bank fund transfers. If you're overseas and you really want to get this, I'm really sorry about it. Unless you're willing to try concealed cash?

Wie geht es inhen? by Samurai
No. of pages: 64
Description: Stories about everyone (Noah, LaviYuu, Miranda, Lenalee, the science department, Asian Branch, AllenYuu(?) and 1 short novel). Some crack, some humour, some fluff.
Price: SGD$15
Weight: Approx. 240g
Status: Available

Anamorphose by Houseki-hime (inserts by Kazufumi Sanada)
No. of pages: 108
Description: 8 novel stories. LaviYuu main.
Price: SGD$15
Weight: Approx. 310g
Status: Sold

月下立愿(gekkariggan) by Hitodedou
No. of pages: 26
Description: 2 stories. First story has Allen nursing a crush on Kanda, and he gets Kanda to write him calligraphy. Second story has Lavi trying to get Kanda’s ears pierced, but it’s difficult with Kanda’s accelerated healing abilities.
Price: SGD$15
Weight: Approx. 120g
Status: Available

Mit Jeder Tee by Etou Kira (Millennium Puzzle)
No. of pages: 22
Description: AllxKanda. At the Asian branch, someone serves up the wrong tea, which is actually a truth serum of sorts that apparently makes the drinker lose his inhibitions and talk about sexual stuff. Everyone but Bak, Wong and Kanda drinks the tea, and those who drank the tea starts hitting on Kanda. Characters include Lavi, Allen, Rou Fa and the other two scientists always with her (can’t remember their names). Crack.
Price: SGD$12
Weight: Approx. 240g
Status: Available

I love U by ??
No. of pages: 24
Description: Half-novel, half-manga. The manga part is more like 4-coma panels. Looks crackish.
Price: SGD$6
Weight: Approx. 100g
Status: Available

The Far Promise by Takamura Sachi (ticktick)
No. of pages: 20
Description: 2 stories. The first story has Kanda and Lavi making a promise to each other that they would visit Japan together after the war. The second story follows a few years after that, and it’s set after the big fight in Edo and before they enter the ark. Kanda and Lavi reunite in Japan , but Japan is not what Kanda imagined. He and Lavi start kissing though. :D Sweet fluff.
Price: SGD$16
Weight: Approx. 100g
Status: Available

If you're interested in any of these, leave a comment and I'll get back to you asap. For people in Singapore, I only accept POSB bank transfers. Other payment methods can be discussed though. :D For packages up to 500g, postage is $1 for normal mail, and registered mail is $3.25.

I don't have paypal, so if you're overseas and you're interested, you can try concealed cash but I can't be held responsible if the money goes missing in the mailing process. D:

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