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A ZC fic rec list with fics from and all over LJ, this was moved over from my private journal when it started to go over the post limit. You are welcomed to leave a comment here if you've got a good ZC fic not on this list. :)

Last updated on 29th August 10.

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Zack x Cloud

Sleep by [personal profile] fantasia0829
Oneshot. Summary: Zack can’t rest well until he knows that Cloud is safe and sound.

Love, Love, Love by [personal profile] fantasia0829
Oneshot. Summary: Zack likes Cloud’s every smile. Cloud likes Zack’s every grin.

From, Zack by [personal profile] fantasia0829
Twoshot. Summary: It started when Zack looked up and saw Cloud walking by. Captivated, he followed him into class. That was when it all went downhill with a serial undergarment thief, a rumour, two very irate friends and a whole string of misunderstandings.

Three-Twenty-Seven by [personal profile] fantasia0829
IP. Summary: A ‘what if’ series of ficlets about a threesome, as written in twenty parts, with characters from Final Fantasy Seven, where Cloud is Zack and Sephiroth’s persocom.

Reason by [personal profile] fantasia0829
Oneshot. Summary: Zack loved mornings, but more importantly, he loved waking up to his lover.

How to Ensnare your Photographer by [personal profile] fantasia0829
Oneshot. Summary: Fashion photographer Zack Fair never cared much for the models he worked with, and he had his own way of shooting them down. But when he meets the new darling of the modeling industry Cloud Strife, Zack finds himself desperately hoping he won’t get turned down like those models.

Christmas in the morning by CloTi4Ever
Complete. Summary: Cloud feels abandoned by Zack, who is once again called away on a mission, only this time on Christmas Eve... AFTER he promised to spend the night with Cloud. Will he be able to make up for it in time?

Surprises by ozzypoos
Oneshot. Summary: Zack's been oddly quiet for the day... a little too quiet in Cloud's opinion.

Orbiting Gravity by yukuro
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud hates to be protected by Zack because he fears being considered weak and childish. When the two go out for a drink, Cloud will finally prove that he's more than a child.

Stargazers by Rogue Shadow
Oneshot. Summary: Don't be afraid of falling. I'll be there to catch you. I promise.

Dreamer by Courtness
IP. Summary: Three years post-game, Zack finds that he survived Shin-Ra's attack, and now all he can seem to think of is Cloud...

Idle Hands by jen0va99
Oneshot. Summary: Zack hates work. What to do, what to do...

Opposite Souls by L.G.Lena
IP. Summary: They say opposites attract. It couldn't be more true for a reclusive recruit and an outgoing Soldier.

Got Your Back by [personal profile] miko_no_da
Complete. Summary: Even the best had to start out somewhere, and everyone needs someone to watch their back on the way up.

Permission to Touch by [personal profile] miko_no_da
Oneshot. Summary: Thanks to Zack, Cloud has a chance to actually meet his childhood hero, Sephiroth. There's just one small hitch...

Practice Makes Perfect by [personal profile] miko_no_da
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud never expected to find a friend in Shinra, let alone anything more. Surely it's too good to be true.

Too Good to be True by [personal profile] miko_no_da
Complete. Summary: When things seem too good to be true it usually means there's a catch hidden somewhere. But hasn't Cloud earned his happy ending ten times over?

Great Escape by Soshika
Oneshot. Summary: Obligatory valentines day fic. Very cute, kind of silly.

Silence by Rydia Highwind
Oneshot. Summary: A year after Zack's death, Cloud revisits the site where his lover died.

Peanut Butter and Jelly by Kuraokamiko
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud contemplates about the parallels between himself and Zack to the peanut butter and jelly combination.

Willow by Akuma no Tsubasa
Oneshot. Summary: They left then, leaving a tiny willow shoot basking in the warmth of the sun. An apology fic.

Collide by OmniStrife
IP. Summary: After five years of running, they finally thought they were safe. The experiments were in the past, and all that mattered was their blooming love. But when they start thinking it's too good to be true, that's always when things go wrong.

Would You? by Phoenix Noir
Oneshot. Summary: A fear of fireworks pushes Cloud into the arms of the two he loves more than the world. He becomes the bridge between them, letting them be friends, and lovers. Implications of SxCxZ.

Not if you ignore me for a week by Nirvana Renegade Seiga
Complete. Summary: First Zack ignores him, then ditches him. Cloud's not happy with the arrangement so he decides to give Zack a taste of his own medicine. Zack has a mission to break this little game... by any means necessary. Operation: MCHAMMER.

P.S. Takefuji's writing journal has been deleted and her fics deleted. Do tell me if anyone finds new links to her fics.

Somewhere to Begin by [profile] takefuji / FF.Net link
IP. Summary: During a raid on the final ShinRa reactor lab, Zack rescues a young boy from the governments clutches.Now, the government will do whatever they can to prevent their fall from power. And that involves the successful recapture of the one Zack saved.

Denied Emotions by [profile] takefuji / FF.Net link
In progress. Summary: A collection of 100 oneshot fics centered around the pairing ZackxCloud. For the Livejournal community OTP 100.

Valentine by Volian
Oneshot. Summary: Zack and Cloud celebrate Valentine's Day. Or maybe not.

Birds of a Feather by Volian
Hiatus. Summary: ...will fall together. A few short stories of two SOLDIERs who are, contrary to popular opinion, alike in more than their love for spiky hair.

Forgotten by [profile] stefan_chael/[profile] jenovas_boy
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud takes a journey to a well-known hilltop…

Forget by S.J. Kohl
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud begs Zack to help him forget. What else can Zack do? Companion fic to 'Forgotten'.

Metamorphosis by [profile] rivet_doll
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud has a crush on Sephiroth while Zack worries over his advances on a man who does not understand love and his own strength.

A Scandal Gone Wrong by [profile] jenovas_boy
Oneshot. Summary: Zack and Reno aren't on the best of terms and they take turns pranking the other, and Cloud gets dragged into it.

Seriously Misconstrued by [profile] forgottenlover
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud is standing on the ledge of a tall building, and Zack misunderstands.

The Lock by [profile] snarky_kat
Oneshot featuring Zack/Cloud/Aeris. Summary: A fluffy piece where Aeris thinks about her two lovers.

Jailbait by [profile] snarky_kat
Oneshot. Summary: Pre-game, Zack spots a cadet who is too cute for his own good. And too young too.

Oasis by [profile] cheekykokoro
Oneshot. Summary: Zack finds an oasis in Midgar and shares it with Cloud.

Never this Cold by [profile] revolizandiditt
Oneshot. Summary: Zack and Cloud are on guard duty in an arctic country. When one of the boys make their feelings known, how does the other react?

Wandering Hands by [profile] revolizandiditt
Oneshot. Summary: Perhaps having such a friendship in the military wasn't the best choice for either of them. It was mainly, of course, Zack's fault, with those wandering hands he couldn't keep to himself.

A Little Bit of Both by Phoenix Dayze
Oneshot. Summary: Zack’s SOLDIER 1st Class brain told him that Cloud was too young, but Zack’s seventeen year old body didn’t care in the slightest. He wanted Cloud...

I knew a man by Phoenix Dayze
Oneshot. Summary: Unlike the vibrant, laughing prankster Zack was in public, once alone, Zack never smiled. And the more Cloud watched him, the more he fell in love with Zack's silence, his masks, and the depth of emotion in the violet eyes that no one else ever saw.

Properly Broken In by [personal profile] icedark_elf
Oneshot. Summary: Zack helps Cloud relax.

First Time by [personal profile] icedark_elf
Oneshot. Summary: There's a first time for everything, and some of better than others.

Purple Materia by [profile] dogmatix_san
Oneshot. Summary: Someone is playing a prank and Cloud is not amused.

Sunday Afternoons by Lemon-sprinkles
IP. Summary: When Cloud is forced to move away because of his mothers job, he cant help feel as though fate its self seperated him from the only town he had ever called home. But Fate has a way of evening things out, and fate grows a name. Zack.

What becomes of drinking by Snarkykat
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud knocked tentatively on Zack’s door.

Into the Fire by Snarkykat
Oneshot. Summary: When he looked back a few hours later, Zack could honestly say that it had come out of nowhere.

Be Home Soon by Snarkykat
Oneshot. Summary: It was the little things.

Beginning by Jediempress
Oneshot. summary: ZackAerithCloud. He was dating one but in love with the other. Something had to be done about this.

Forget Me Not by Chiikara
IP. Summary: 30 kisses collection.

Military Correspondence by Lady Androgene
Oneshot. Summary: Snarkfest between Cloud and Zack, with a little smattering of Rude and Reno. Oh, and Zack having chocobo issues.

Fear is just a Formality by Andrea Roberts
IP. Summary: Lost and alone on a journey far beyond him, Cloud struggles to stay afloat. Will a optimistic raven haired SOLIDER change his out look? Pre Nibelhelm.

Heat by Crazy Little Feline
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud thinks it's too hot to sleep, so he wakes up Zack.

First Class SOLDIER by Crazy Little Feline
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud is a Cadet in SOLDIER training. He's also desperately homesick. Zack sees this and seeks to comfort him.

Cool Change by Zaxuku
Oneshot. Summary: Woken in the middle of the night after their 'first time', Zax unfortunately finds a very shaken Cloud, who is trying to deal with the reality of what he just did. Rated T for sexual references and suggested nudity.

Put it On by [personal profile] snipervalentine
Oneshot. Summary: "It really just makes me want to rip it off you."

Project Reunion by Vanus Empty
IP. Summary: Beaten, battered, and bloodied, Cloud and Zack drag themselves to Midgar.

Tenacity by Strange and Intoxicating rsa-
IP. Summary: What if the Turks took pity on Zack Fair that day when he was destined to die? Now, alive and well, Zack must save the planet, on the way accepting his feelings for the blue eyed angel who made him notice what was right before his eyes. Love.

Just One Night by MystIc fAte
Complete. Summary: Meeting the cute blonde at the club one night everything goes perfect from their conversations to their passionate tryst. So why won't Cloud return Zack's calls?

Crystal Clear by MystIc fAte
Complete. Summary: Cloud is 15 and has just joined the Soldier Trainee program and hates it...but with the presence of a certain SOLDIER it's not too bad.

Darkness Demon Rose by Darkness Demon Rose
IP. Summary: Cloud, the youngest vampire in history, tries to make his way through life while emotionally broken and lonely. What happens to him when the Hunter Zack captures him and wants to know things Cloud doesn't know about? Also contains onesided SC

Cuckoo's Nest by Kumoashi
Oneshot. Summary: Zack talks about the love of his life, and what it cost him.

Blood of the Innocents by Kumoashi
Complete. Summary: AU. What if Cloud didn't go to Midgar? What if Hojo kept him in the Nibelheim lab, and woke Vincent to keep the blond company?

Bright Eyed Boys by Ardwynna Morrigu
Oneshot. Summary: I saw a SOLDIER once, First Class. Him and his friend. They ran, we chased. That's how it went. I saw a SOLDIER and I'll never forget.

Plaything by [profile] ardwynna_m
Oneshot. Summary: 'Seph/Genesis/Cloud + One Pissed Off and Overprotective Zack; Cloud gets for serious dominated (but he likes it)'.

Rise in Love by Rangiku.Charlize
IP. Summary: Cloud's life has always been messed up, but what happens when Zack takes interest in him?

Venus by Impiety
IP. Summary: Cloud is the city's most renown whore, Zax is a SOLDIER who doesn't know whats good for him, and Vincent is a drug overlord. Welcome to the city of Hope.

Not A Morning Person by [profile] drkangelyahriel
Oneshot. Summary: Somewhere in CC. Zack and Cloud are friends. Close friends.

Beautiful Blonde Man by SleighBells
Complete. Summary: The first time Zack saw him he nearly chocked. It wouldn't die so now there is it done yet? I hope so.

The_Last_Goodnight by DamagedWorth
Complete. Summary: After five years of seperation, Zack finds that his childhood friend has become one of the best known lead singers in Midgar. But why wasn't he happy with that life?

Halo by DamagedWorth
IP. Summary: He was sent to destroy the one who contained the planets survival. As fates begin to collide, the other began to decend into a spiral of problematic chaos. Love unfolded, and broke through the barriers of their past and future. ZC, yaoi.

Cause and Effect by DamagedWorth
IP. Summary: Somethings in life are always left unexplained. But for Zack, this was more than the word unexplainable. It was absolutely chatostrophic.

Drabble meme by [personal profile] fairness
Drabbles. 10 unrelated drabbles, showing various aspects of Zack and Cloud's relationship.

Mutual Understanding by [personal profile] fairness
Oneshot. Summary: Because making up is the best part of fighting--and sometimes small revelations come in unexpected places.

A series of firsts by [personal profile] fairness
Oneshot. Summary: As its title implies, it's a series of firsts between Cloud and Zack.

First with Me by [personal profile] snipervalentine
Oneshot. Summary: Sex in inappropriate places-Sephiroth's office.

Gravity by [personal profile] hadesphoenix
IP. Summary: A FFVII and Wolf's Rain crossverse.

A Changing Situation by Serena
Oneshot. Summary: The situation has changed for two men on the run.

Chistmas Thingy by [profile] croix_souillees
A KH/FF7 oneshot. Summary: AU. Naminé thinks her brother and her teacher get along well.

Trapped in Ice and Snow by [personal profile] makikoigami
Oneshot. Summary: Zack convinced Cloud to help him catch a Dashing Chocobo. The weather changes quickly in the Icicle Area though.

Six Winters by [personal profile] marinliliz
Oneshot. Summary: Six takes on Zack and Cloud; life, love and relationship under the theme of Winter.

Victims of Love by CloZack PASSION
IP. Summary: How can four words change a life?

Physical Theme 001 Introduction by CloZack PASSION
IP. Summary: To me, anything is an excuse to have Cloud and Zack being cute, playing doctor.

Unwelcome Surprise by [personal profile] ginger_maya
Complete? Author's summary: Cloud comes home one evening to find his lover in the arms of another man. AngealxZack, ZackxCloudxZack

Redemption by [profile] suixcausa
IP. Summary: The Planet faces the verge of death, in the last effort to save itself, it sends Cloud back to when it all began. ZackxCloud, AngealxZack, AngealxZackxCloud

Proper Use of Knowledge by A-chan5
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud finds a summon materia that calls forth the last person he'd expected to see again.

Replay by [profile] cryptjo
Oneshot. Summary: Sex isn't the best time to reminisce, but sometimes there's a good excuse.

Duty Calls by [profile] cryptjo
Oneshot. Summary: Zack's away on a mission, but that doesn't stop him having some fun with Cloud.

Sense by [profile] cryptjo
Oneshot. Summary: Zack reflects on his reflection.

Need This by [community profile] pixeled
Oneshot. Summary: Rough and dirty Zack/Cloud and a bit of a reversal of their personalities.

Zackalina by [personal profile] rainbowserenity
Oneshot. Summary: Makeup? Check. Dress? Check. Hair products? Check. Dignity? Well...not quite there.

Sky Eyes by [personal profile] rainbowserenity
Oneshot. Summary: The sky is endless, but you know, it's okay. All I need to do is look into your eyes and everything's alright.

Hey There, Gorgeous Surfer Dude by [personal profile] rainbowserenity
Oneshot. Summary: The beach is boring. Totally boring. Oh, wait, are those washboard abs I see? Hey, maybe this isn't so bad after all...

Embrace by [personal profile] rainbowserenity
Oneshot. Summary: I wanted to be there for him, but we'd just met. It wouldn't be enough. Not yet.

The Flower Maid and the Soldiers by [personal profile] rainbowserenity
Oneshot. Summary: Once upon a time, there was a fair flower maiden whose destiny was in between two young soldiers, with only a white bloom to bring them together...

Elite Hair by [personal profile] rainbowserenity
Oneshot. Summary: Zack, I always heard that your hair was totally natural! Uh, where did I hear that? Well, erm...

Because of Them by [personal profile] rainbowserenity
Oneshot. Summary: Zack tells Cloud a fact of life. His life, anyway.

Those Wings by [personal profile] rainbowserenity
Oneshot. Summary: Not all angels have wings. Then again, not all monsters have them, either.

Appreciation by [personal profile] rainbowserenity
Oneshot. Summary: Everything can turn into a good memory. Even dirty, smelly, crunchy old leaves...that they're supposed to be raking. Oops.

The Panic Café co-written by Ainahim Twilightbait and [personal profile] rainbowserenity
IP. Summary: AU Vampire!Zack/Mortal!Cloud. It's dangerous for mortals in the Panic Café, but thanks to a certain vampire, Cloud just can't keep away.

Circle Yes or No by [personal profile] rainbowserenity
Oneshot. Summary: Life usually doesn’t come in the form of yes or no questions, but does Zack care? Pffft, heck no.

Even in the End by [personal profile] rainbowserenity
Oneshot. Summary: You've got to make every moment count, especially when you're on the run. It's time you trust every move you make will be the best one.

Orange you Glad by [personal profile] rainbowserenity
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud wasn't really much for that crazy orange toothpaste, but if Zack loved it, he'd totally deal.

Reflections and Rome by [profile] knightlineninja
Oneshot. Summary: What a time in Rome might have been like for the two, in an another time and life.

Fair Warning by [profile] lady_androgene
Oneshot. Summary: Zack's attempt to train Cloud with high level enemies fails majestically, and Sephiroth deals.

Shit, Sorry! by [profile] freezing_rayne
Oneshot. Summary: Clumsy, first-time sex - "Oh, shit, sorry!"

Curtain Call by [profile] loveangel2141
Oneshot. Summary: Then he would get dressed and haul his ass into Midgar, where he was going to buy the first pair of curtains he came across, no matter how ugly they might be.

Wounded Emotions by [profile] loveangel2141
Oneshot. Summary: He had fooled himself into thinking that this was the only way. Avoiding her until she finally got fed up with it and decided he wasn't worth the time and heartache. Some where deep inside him, he almost wished that day would come sooner rather than later, before he got overly irritated and ended up hurting her without meaning to.

Chosen Paths by [profile] loveangel2141
Oneshot. Summary: Zack could still remember the first time he had allowed himself to press his lips to Cloud's soft, pliant ones. The first time he had allowed himself to indulge in that one little perverse pleasure.

Breaking Lessons by [profile] loveangel2141
Oneshot. Summary: The sound had been loud before, but now it was almost deafening. Even from the living room Cloud knew whatever it was that was currently contained in the bedroom was most probably armed and dangerous. And knowing Zack, extremely hopped up on caffeine.

Missing Responses by [profile] loveangel2141
Oneshot. Summary: This mixed with Zack's inability to write anything properly was what lead to the brunette sitting at the heavy wooden desk in the small hotel room he was currently staying in, trying desperately to just write a letter to Cloud.

How plot the universe with two gil, some gum and a piece of string. by [profile] spikeyboots
Oneshot. Summary: The first time Zack calls him Chocobo, Cloud punches him square on the jaw, but it doesn’t really hurt. Fifty sentences across the life of everyone's favourite spiky-haired duo.

Umbra by [personal profile] ciceqi
Oneshot. Summary: Some things are like instinct. Set in KH-verse.

Animal Instincts by [profile] mirukail
IP. Summary: Instead of dying on the cliffs as he was supposed to, Zack was captured by Hojo and brutally tortured for three years. He was led to belief that Cloud had died . Having lost his will to fight, he accepted his fate as Hojo's test subject. One day, Zack's mind snaps and he escapes from his mako prison... What happens when he realizes Cloud lives? A tale of lust, animal passions, and a second chance at life.
Part 2

A Possible Outcome by [profile] mirukail
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud is unceremoniously welcomed into ShinRa. And just who is that dark-haired SOLDIER?

Three drabbles by [profile] shadowededen
Oneshot. Summary: Three drabbles in the post, and they are as follows.
One Week - Cloud has learned to be wary, but Zack doesn't comprehend the very idea of such a thing.
Night of Seclusion - Zack copes. He has to. He's never really had a choice, after all.
Memorare - He might have called it haunting, if he knew what it was that was haunting him.

Three one-shots by [profile] ninja_egg
Oneshot. Summary: Three one-shots in the post, and they are as follows.
Let's Ride - Zack teaching Cloud how to ride a motorcycle, Cloud being sad.
Oh, Mother - Cloud visiting his mother on the infamous trip to Nibelheim.
Good Morning, Sunshine - Zack wakes up with a surprise after getting drunk.

Unshakeable by [personal profile] cleflink
Oneshot. Summary: A short piece about Zack and Cloud during their time on the run, where Zack is upbeat and can just hear Cloud's responses to his silly ideas.

Wild Ones by [personal profile] cleflink
IP. Summary: Irrevocably tied and holding nothing back, two men search the world for what's been lost. This is but a small part of their story.

A Matter of Contrast by [personal profile] cleflink
Oneshot. Summary: There are all sorts of side effects to living.

Heroics by [personal profile] cleflink
Oneshot. Summary: Herein be much plot and Cloud foiling terrorist plots. Or giving it his best try, at least.

In The Country by [personal profile] cleflink
Oneshot. Summary: Zack just likes to get away from it all, sometimes. Rough.

The New Black by [personal profile] cleflink
Oneshot. Summary: There are some mornings that even coffee can't fix.

Afterwards by [personal profile] cleflink
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud shifted languidly, the sheets blessedly cool against oversensitive skin. Zack’s eyes were closed in the dark, his face awash with shadows amidst the wild drape of his disheveled hair.

Life Becomes Him by [personal profile] cleflink
Oneshot. Summary: On SOLDIER, boyfriends and where facial hair fits into the mix.

It Runs In the Family by [personal profile] cleflink
Oneshot. Summary: "You're the General's little brother?"

Blood Brothers by [personal profile] cleflink
Complete. Summary: Fantasy AU. Zack and Cloud are blood brothers - two souls bonded by one fate. But what happens when one brother is lost and the other has to sacrifice everything he is to try and save him?

Zack's by [personal profile] cleflink
Complete. Summary: The gang's out for an evening on the town - Cloud just wishes they could have left him at home instead.

Christmas at Zack's by [personal profile] cleflink
Complete. Summary: Zack invites Cloud to a party at his bar - on Christmas Eve.

Traditional by [personal profile] cleflink
Complete. Summary: Clearly no one has told Zack that first dates are supposed to be awkward.

Bubbles by [profile] cloudy_chan
Oneshot. Summary: Even through hell some things still hold true.

Plot Device by [profile] vollykins
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud is trying to study, and Zack is eating gum. In the same room.

You Never Quite Know by [profile] cheekykokoro
Oneshot. Summary: "When you hear white noise." Zack told him, holding him close. "Remember me, and I'll come and chase it all away for you."

The Snowman by Tobi-Uchiha
Oneshot. Summary: Zack and Cloud build a snowman.

Coming Home by CornCob
Oneshot. Summary: After leaving seven years ago, Cloud returns to his hometown and old friends. Between an overprotective best friend, Reno's mouth, and Zack, it's amazing Cloud can make it through the day.

Promise by [profile] sly_pantera
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud breathes soft promises against Zack’s skin.

Simple Design by [profile] hollow_strife
Oneshot. Summary: He dealt with the heart ache of loss the same way he dealt with everything. He took it, pulled it deep inside of him and buried it. Buried it so deep that no one would ever be able to shine a light of knowing on it.

Cold by [profile] shadowededen
Oneshot. Summary: The rain had always been cold, and now it was colder.

After the Rain by [profile] voodoobob
Oneshot. Summary: Based on a 'what-if' situation where Zack successfully escaped Shinra with Cloud and got to Aeris.

Words by [profile] voodoobob
Oneshot. Summary: Companion fic to After the Rain, narrated by Cloud who still has mako-poisoning.

Knowing and seeing by [profile] crazyamoeba
Oneshot. Summary: Cid finds Cloud being a party-pooper.

Silver Sky by [profile] danielachan
Oneshot. Summary: And as long as Cloud exists, Zack will exist within him. Forever.

Schematics by Toothpaste Addict
IP. Summary: Drabbles involving Cloud and Zack.

Know the Pieces Fit by Toothpaste Addict
IP. Summary: Zack still has hope, if only because it's too hard for him to accept that Cloud might never get better. Pregame.

Desperately by [profile] shiny_glor_chan
Oneshot. Summary: Fic done for [profile] ff_love, with the prompt 'desperate'.

Truth and lies by [profile] drkangelyahriel
Oneshot. Summary: Zack tries to get Cloud to admit his feelings for him.

Piercing Penetration by [profile] cryptjo
Oneshot. Summary: There's something Cloud wants to do, but is afraid it will hurt.

Shine Through (Light up My World) by [profile] sly_pantera
Oneshot. Summary: 10 different takes on sunshine.

Give Anything by [profile] outstage
Oneshot. Summary: "Sometimes Cloud feels like he should respond more animatedly to the man. Grunts just don’t cut it anymore, and while Cloud enjoys the sound of the ex-SOLDIER’s voice, he’s worried Zack will stop smiling and chatting soon enough."

Poetry of the Air by Scribbler
IP. Summary: A collection of loosely connected short ficlets about life, love and lust, and how to cope with them.

A is for Alone by Happy-Moogle-Mustang
IP. Summary: Drabble series with a one word theme for each letter of the alphabet.

Which we call Aether. by [profile] knightlineninja
Oneshot. Summary: Memories are (n)ever changing: He always notices something that was never there before. He’ll always seek them out...

Always There by [profile] aurons_fan
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud just paying tribute to an old friend.

Running Silent by [personal profile] cleflink
Oneshot. Summary: Written to Forgiven by Within Temptation, in a world where Sephiroth is a prince possessed by a demon, Zack is a noble and Cloud is ths stableboy.

Falling Up by Etrixan
IP. Summary: Shinra has imposed a Class system that allows a high-ranking gang get away with rape and murder. Cadet Cloud Strife has been recruited to stop them... as bait. Warnings: Anal, AU, Language, M/M, Minor, Non-con, Oral, SH, Violence

Simple Gestures of Love by raininggemini
IP. Summary: Because sometimes, the simplest gestures are the best way you show your love. It's either sweet, mild or wild.

Today is Shining by Chocobo-Cloud
Complete. Summary: Zack is a young college student from Tokyo who is visiting Kyoto for a project. While unpersuaded at first that Kyoto is all that everyone makes it out to be, it doesn't take long for Zack to have a change of heart, whether it's the sky, or the tea shop boy.

One Morning with You by [profile] insomniacs_home
Oneshot. Summary: Zack likes Cloud’s idea of early morning wake ups.

Reciprocity by Caddie
Oneshot. Summary: Until he met Cloud Strife, one thing that Zack Fair never thought he’d ever have a problem with was reciprocity.

Simple gestures of love by raininggemini
IP. Summary: Because sometimes, the simplest gestures are the best way you show your love. ZackCloud. Oneshot Collection.

Plagued by [personal profile] rainbowserenity
Oneshot. Summary: SOLDIERs should be able to handle anything without complaint - except colds, where it's perfectly acceptable for them to turn into big ol' babies.

Halloween ficlet by [profile] cloudy_chan
Oneshot. Summary: Zack wants Cloud to go to a Halloween party with him, but Cloud doesn't have a costume.

Screw it by [profile] cryptjo
Oneshot. Summary: Zack opens up to his journal about his relationship with Cloud.

Shit, sorry! by [profile] freezing_rayne
Oneshot. Summary: Zack and Cloud want to have sex, but they find it a lot more complicated than it looks. Clumsy, light-hearted, first time sex.

Another Hitchhiking Story by [personal profile] mogumogu
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud hears rumours of a hitchhiker who looks like someone he knew.

If At First by [personal profile] cleflink
Oneshot. Summary: Sometimes help comes from entirely unexpected sources. And makes you question your sanity.

Cliff Notes for College by [profile] caddieneko
IP. Summary: Cissnei was hot and smart. She started pulling down her shades as soon as she realized that the boys across the street had the perfect view of her changing. While Reno’s disappointed when she changes rooms, Zack Fair’s certainly not because Cloud Strife has yet to figure out that it takes two hard pulls and one wrist snap to make those dollar store blinds stay shut. GREEK inspired.

In The Closet or All Zack's Fault by [personal profile] cleflink
Oneshot. Summary: Closet sex. Seriously.

Like Cats and Dogs by [profile] cryptjo
Oneshot. Summary: When Angeal leaves his pet with Sephiroth's, the fur flies.

Welcome Back by lily-uzumaki23
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud is dealing with his "problem" and gets caught by the one that causes it.

Missed You by lily-uzumaki23
Oneshot. Summary: Zack and Cloud after a long mission.

Paradoxically by [profile] hiroya_chan
Oneshot. Summary: Zack and Cloud are best friends, Zack and Aerith are a couple.

Thank You, Aerith by [profile] yamira_jean
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud knew Aerith, the florist from down the street and his long-time friend, was the best person ever. He just didn't expect her to be this wonderful.

Apple Pie by [profile] serinance
Oneshot. Summary: Zack is filled with pie and talks to Cloud. This can only be cute.

If U Seek Amy by [profile] yamira_jean
Oneshot. Summary: Love it, hate it, say what you want about it -- but can't you see what I see, Spike? All of the SOLDIER's and other cadets are begging to If You Seek A... Cloud.

Pie by [personal profile] rainbowserenity
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud decides to surprise Zack with sex-and-pie. Little does he know, there's something about to go wrong with his plan...

Under The Cherry Blossom Tree by [profile] cloudstrife11
Oneshot. Summary: They first met under the dark night sky and pink petals of the cherry blossom.

Quinquaginta Monumentum by [profile] chocobo_cloud
Sentences. Summary: 50 memories from the life Cloud and Zack shared.

The Best I Ever Had by AllynDupe
Oneshot. Summary: Zack made a horrible mistake breaking up with Cloud, someone he discovers he loves with all his heart. With his head spinning and a little advice from a stealthy Turk, Zack decides exactly what needs to be done to fix his mistake.

The Melancholy of Zack Fair by [personal profile] battywings
IP. Summary: Zack Fair is notorious at North High School for being eccentric. Cloud Strife knew his life would never be the same the moment they met.

Pathetique by Vulgar Shudder
IP. Summary: Cloud is a pianist at a breaking point, but his playing one night catches the interest of his neighbour.

Markings by Lady Gunblade
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud decides he shouldn't be the only one getting hickeys. He's just a little too timid to do it while Zack's awake.

50 Sentences by [profile] uchiha_naruto
Oneshot. Summary: 50 sentences about their relationship.

Smell by Lady Gunblade
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud loved Zack's smell.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker by [personal profile] rainbowserenity
Oneshot. Summary: Zack's convinced Kunsel has a not-so-imaginary girlfriend considering how often he's buried in his phone, but when he finally meets the person on the other end of the mail...well, that's no imaginary girlfriend.

Are we there yet? by [profile] aurons_fan
Oneshot. Summary: When Sora said it would ,take a few stops to get to Cloud, Zack didn't think he meant a few worlds.

Waiting Room by [profile] cryptjo
Oneshot. Summary: Zack uses his imagination with unexpected (and unpleasant) results.

Mr. President by [profile] yamira_jean
IP. Summary: Cloud Strife, student council president of the high school campus, is going to the college campus to represent the incoming freshmen the following school year. It was only when he got lost in the maze of confusing hallways, mobbed and stalked by predatory college guys, and wooed by that air-headed SOLDIER boy that the high-school president wished he'd brought his bodyguards.

Waiting Room by Stars in Bloom
IP. Summary: During a routine check of one of Hojo's defunct labs, Cloud discovers someone he thought to be dead. But is this really the man he loved so long ago? Or is this just an echo of the past?

Blame it by [profile] uruwashii_uso
Oneshot. Summary: Zack gets turned on when he indulges in alcohol.

130. by [profile] tsumi_amethyst
Oneshot. Summary: Zack does away with silly expectations of what perfect means, much preferring his blond cadet to any General Hot Ass or future Shinra President.

Trance Awake by [profile] uruwashii_uso
Oneshot. Summary: Fight Club-esque verse. Based on an RP.

Sleeping Blondie by [profile] amael_elen
Oneshot. Summary: The evil Sorcerer Sephiroth, enraged to foresee his demise at the hands of the young warrior Cloud, curses the boy to die on his sixteenth birthday by pricking his finger upon the thorn of a rose. However, the good Sorceresses Aeris, Tifa and Yuffie have blessed the young boy so that with true Love's first kiss he may wake again.

Souvenir by Lady Gunblade
Oneshot. Summary: Zack thinks he has bought the perfect souvenir for his boyfriend. Cloud begs to differ.

The Sweet Life of Zack and Cloudy by [profile] yamira_jean (also found here)
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud felt his arm around his shoulder, holding him tight against his lean chest. The blond sighed and relaxed as he felt the man's chin on top of his head. Zack breathed once, and then said, “Welcome to the sweet life, Spikey.”

Light Up by [profile] rsasai
Oneshot. Summary: He sleeps next to her and pretends that everything is all right.

Good Morning Baby by lily-uzumaki23
Oneshot. Summary: Just another moment in Zack and Cloud's intimacy.

Cocoon by lily-uzumaki23
Oneshot. Summary: A sweet little morning with our boys.

Pretty Even by lily-uzumaki23
Oneshot. Summary: Zack unintentionally discovers one of Cloud's kinks.

You Make it Real by lily-uzumaki23
Oneshot. Summary: Zack comes home for Christmas.

Hot for Teacher by Xenobia
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud has developed a serious infatuation with Zack and he struggles to hide it from him.

When Chocobos Retaliate by Xenobia
Complete. Summary: As Cloud's eighteenth birthday approaches, Zack makes plans to act on his hidden attraction for him. It's easier said than done.

Darkness Before Dawn by Xenobia
Complete. Summary: Sometimes life surprises you in the most interesting ways. For example, dead people that don't stay that way. Sequel to When Chocobos Retaliate.

Moments by [personal profile] synchroshatter
Oneshot. Summary: Zack Fair and Cloud Strife. A relationship in fifty sentences.

Harsh Reality by [personal profile] miko_no_da
Oneshot. Summary: Traumatized by his latest mission, Zack just wants to keep Cloud away from that. Friendship fic.

Hatched by mystiri1
Oneshot. Summary: The Lifestream was not big enough to contain Zack. And Aeris had a bizarre sense of humour.

Chivalry by spopococ
Oneshot. Summary: Zack was always the perfect gentleman, and held attention anywhere he went. With that, he also knew how to offer attention to others. What else could Cloud do but fall for him and hope for all that attention to be his?

Mystery Admirer by [personal profile] rainbowserenity
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud keeps finding roses on his door. Clearly this means his has a stalker and not a secret admirer, right?

Closure by [profile] ladygunblade
Oneshot. Summary: On the day of a new beginning, Cloud gets a chance to close a chapter he thought he'd never close.

Fire and Silk by [profile] rsasai
Oneshot. Summary: A box, hidden in the closet of Sergeant Zack Fair, holds a key to understanding Cloud Strife.

30 Themes Challenge by [profile] koyuki_azumaya
Oneshot. Zack and Cloud to 30 different themes. Set both in canonverse and AU.

Necessity by [personal profile] spiffingly
Oneshot. Summary: A fantasy, a necessity, a foolish wish. Love, lust, admiration, worship, and a hot shower. Oh my.

Blades by [profile] ldyavalon
Oneshot. Summary: Zack wants to play with blades. Cloud does too, but he like to pretend he doesn't.

Minor Nuisances by Brunette S Angel
Complete. Summary: Cloud is unhappy in his current relationship. After meeting a breath of fresh air named Zack, his life changes in more than one way.

What is to become by Brunette S Angel
Complete. Summary: Sequel to Minor Nuisances. Despite his excitement for his first mission, Cloud has an intuition that something is going to go very wrong and his dreams are only confirming his gut feeling. Zack was able to change Cloud’s life, but can he change fate?

Marriage Booth by [profile] yamira_jean
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud gets dragged to some fancy all-boys academy by his childhood friend Tifa. The blond gets the feeling that something bad is going to happen, but who would’ve thought that it would be in front of a makeshift altar?

Before My Eyes by BubbleFairy03
Oneshot. Summary: When Zack was five years old, he decided he wanted to marry Cloud Strife. Looking back, that was probably one of the best decisions he'd ever made.

I did it for you by Ziggy Pasta
Oneshot. Summary: When holiday plans have to be canceled because Zack is sick, he realizes that sometimes things don't always go as planned, and sometimes love has a funny way of showing.

Tease by Soyna
IP. Summary: It all starts with a drinking contest between Reno and Cloud. Zack has to take care of a drunk Cloud.

Ghosts by Kareian
IP. Summary: Cloud's life has finally started to settle down, until a wandering stranger catches his eye. A stranger walking in Zack's skin, with no memory as to who he is or where he came from. Will this man break Cloud? Or will he finally help heal him?

Ukiyoe Painting by MystIc fAte
IP. Sumamry: Set in Edo Period Japan,Cloud is an artist and Zack is a Samurai.They want nothing more than to be together,but is it possible when the Shogun has his sights set on Cloud? Or can their love still turn out to be a masterpiece in the end?

Misuse of Materia by [profile] magick_fyre
Oneshot. Sumamry: Zack enjoys tormenting Cloud.

Tell All by [profile] frooit
IP. Summary: Zack does his very best to protect what he loves.

Make a Memory by [profile] magick_fyre
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud may not be too happy about being back in his hometown, but Zack is determined he doesn't leave without at least one good memory of the place.

Memories by [personal profile] sleepingsun
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud is lonely and thinking about Zack...

Of Cupcakes and Things by [personal profile] rainbowserenity
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud has a surprise for Zack and decides to sweeten it up. Literally.

. . . T O M O D A R O ? A ZC Community on

General fics

Mystery Chocobo Death by Tenshi
Oneshot. Summary: What the titles says. XD

Hands and wheat and corn by [profile] spikeyboots
Oneshot. Summary: If Cloud Strife had never left for SOLDIER.

Project R-U-N-W-A-Y by [profile] ardwynna_m
Oneshot. Author's summary: Zoolander parody for [personal profile] fantasia0829, because her How To Ensnare Your Photographer is so cute. XD Genesis and Sephiroth faces off in a catwalk showdown.

Cloud Cottontail, aka the Magic Rabbit fic by [personal profile] quietncryptic
Oneshot. Summary: There comes a time in every bunny's life when he gets into trouble; Cloud just happens to be clever enough to get himself out of it.

Note: As mentioned, you're welcomed to leave fic recs for me in a comment. However, do note that I started this list mainly for myself, so I only add fics which I enjoyed reading. Please do not take it personally if your fic is not here.

Also, please leave fic rec comments in the following format to make it easier on me:

Title of fic:

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