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A SZC fic rec list with fics from and all over LJ, this was moved over from my private journal when it started to go over the post limit. You are welcomed to leave a comment here if you've got a good SZC fic not on this list. :)

Last updated on 1st June 10.

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Sephiroth, Zack & Cloud friendship... well, more or less.

Thursdays by Thorne Scratch
Oneshot. Author's summary: Slight yaoi warning. A short look at the morning habits of three SOLDIERS. Or, two SOLDIERS and a trooper.

Behind closed doors by Thorne Scratch
Oneshot. Author's summary: Sephiroth, Zack, and Cloud's Friday night tradition.

This Army Life by Nicolle
In progress. Author's summary: All is not quiet on the Wutai front, as Sephiroth and Zack do everything possible to screw off and not run a war.

Timeless Ageless Changeless by XD
Complete. Author's summary: Immortalized by the alien cells within them, Cloud and Vincent are now mercenaries of time. Sent back in time to retrieve a valuable artifact, they meet up with an ancient foe not quite in the same way...

Butterfly Effect by Kiraya
In progress. AU. Author's summary: To change one event is to forever change the course of history. Cowrite with Bard Linn.

Good Night by Kiraya
Oneshot. Author's summary: [SxZxC, WAFF][Sephiroth POV] None of them had really taken into account how sharing a bed would affect their sleeping habits.

Sunday Morning, 10am by Kiraya
Oneshot. Author's summary: It's one of the few simple, little things he lets himself indulge in.

Smoke by JuliTina
Discontinued. Author's summary: When Sephiroth and Zack accidentally stumble onto Cloud Strife's recruit profile, they never even imagined all the trouble it could lead them to.

Epoch by mirroredsakura
Oneshot. Author's summary: SephirothxCloudxZack. PreNibelhiem shorts for ffthreesomes.

Jackpot by aphelion-orion
Oneshot. Author's summary: Zack wants something, Sephiroth does, too, and Cloud is caught somewhere in the middle. Again. [preFFVII, crack, fluff, yaoi]

Asides by jen0va99
In progress. Author's summary: Seph loves Cloud, Cloud likes Zack, Zack wants... girls. POV-ish story between the 3 friends.

Sotto Voce by Hades' Phoenix
Oneshot. Author's summary: Cloud may not speak all that often or that loudly, but he doesn’t have to, as long as the right people are listening.

Relativity by [personal profile] hadesphoenix
Oneshot. Summary: Where Sephiroth yearns for normalcy, but Cloud and Zack teach him something else.

Temptation by [personal profile] hadesphoenix
Oneshot. Author's summary: How the Book of Genesis really should have gone.

Win to Lose by S.J. Kohl
Complete. Author's summary: Cloud Strife is sick of being called innocent. He knows what he wants, and he's determined to get it. SephirothxCloudxZack

Twelve Days to Christmas by S.J.Kohl
In progress. Author's summary: Zack discovers Sephiroth's never gotten Christmas presents before.

Too Close by [profile] queen_yokozuna
Oneshot. Author's description: Three people in one room and sex is happening ^^

Normal by [personal profile] tir_synni
Oneshot. Author's summary: How to explain this, Zack wondered, without hurting either of their feelings?

Fairy Tales by [personal profile] tir_synni
Oneshot. Author's summary: Cloud Strife looked like a fairy tale princess.

Lilies and Curses by [personal profile] tir_synni
Oneshot. Author's summary: He was going to die.

Salt and Spice by [personal profile] icedark_elf
Oneshot. Author's summary: Cloud was just a normal farmer who raised chocobos, till he got a guest who smelled of the sea.

Another Chance by [personal profile] icedark_elf
In progress. Seph/Zack/Cloud/Aeris. Author's summary: Alternate Ending for Advent Children. Basically, act as if Aeris and Zack don't say goodbye in the church.

Winter by [personal profile] creepy_crawly
Oneshot. Author's summary: Sephiroth hates the winter, for many reasons.

Of Coffee Cups by [personal profile] tsimiko
Oneshot. Author's summary: Cloud remembers the relation he had with Zack and Sephiroth.

Smile by [profile] anubisfenrir
Oneshot. Summary: Cloud remembers.

Perchance to Dream by [personal profile] jezebel_rising
Oneshot. Author's summary: Zombies. Crack. Humor that somehow managed to keep a plot. Sort of.

Fanfic 100 challenge by [personal profile] chofi
In progress. Any combinations of Seph/Zack/Cloud written for the [profile] fanfic100.

FFVII Table of Contents by [personal profile] chibirisuchan
Masterlist for [personal profile] chibirisuchan's FFVII fics.

Body Language by [personal profile] chibirisuchan
In progress. Summary: Based on [personal profile] ciceqi's Anthroverse AU, where Cloud, Zack and Seph are all erm, animals. XD Cloud's feathers get ruffled when Zack can't stop doing something.

The Time Traveling Delivery Boy by Diaphanous
Complete. Author's summary: Sixteen hundred years ago, Jenova crashed onto Gaia. One thousand years after that, Cloud stopped the Jenova possessed Sephiroth. Six hundred years after Cloud stopped Kadaj, Gaia's timeline has been reset. A new future has his guiding hand to lead it.

The Delivery Boy and the Delivery Apprentice by Diaphanous
Oneshot. Author's summary: Sequel to The Time Traveling Delivery Boy. Four years ago, an immortal Cloud Strife rescued a young Sephiroth. Now he has taken Zack Fair under his wing and awakened Vincent Valentine. It was time to end Jenova and Hojo once and for all. A better future is in reach and Cloud is going to take it.

Off-Course: The Delivery Boy Saga by Diaphanous
In progress. Author's summary: Another route for Cloud. Another chance for redemption. Another trip back in time. Cloud is going to put the past off course, whether Gaia likes it or not.

Inclusive by Amarissia
Complete. Author's summary: The story of Cloud's entrance into Zack and Sephiroth's relationship. M for language, yaoi, Hojo's presence and the fact that Cloud is fifteen.

Inhibitions by Amarissia
Oneshot. Author's Summary: Sephiroth is reluctant to act on his new relationship with Cloud. Fortunately, Zack is around to help. Sequel to Inclusive.

Decorum by Amarissia
Oneshot. Author's summary: Sephiroth thinks Zack has a few things to learn about proper SOLDIER behavior. M for yaoi, SephirothZackOther.

Infiltration by Amarissia
Oneshot. Author's summary: Barred from entering Sephiroth's office, Zack sends Cloud in his stead, with a very special message. Part of the Decorum series, rated M for yaoi.

Side Effect by AngelKira
Complete? Author's summary: Cloud learns an interesting fact about mako showers with some interesting results. YAOI CloudxZack, CloudxSephiroth

Heat by Jaelawyn Noble
Oneshot. Author's summary: Zack has an idea to help Sephiroth lighten up... if Cloud will agree, that is.

Dreams by Jaelawyn Noble
Oneshot. Author's summary: Zack gets lonely waiting for Cloud.

Routines by Jaelawyn Noble
Oneshot. Author's summary: Zack watches Cloud sleep, and then wakes him up in interesting ways.

Just Another Oneshot by Jade003
Oneshot. Author's summary: Just a little oneshot with Cloud, Zack and Sephiroth.

Nibelheim Revisited by [personal profile] gryvon
Oneshot. Author's summary: Following Hojo had been a mistake. The prompt was 'Nibelheim - Sephiroth doesn't go insane'.

Laying Claim by [personal profile] gryvon
Oneshot. Author's summary: Cloud never understood all the attention he got. Sephiroth and Zack only made it worse.

Anamnesis by Gryvon
Oneshot. Author's summary: Hojo stole Cloud's memories from him. After six years, he finally has them back. Alternate Reality, in which Sephiroth doesn't go quite as mad in Nibelheim. SephirothZackCloud

In Control by [personal profile] gryvon
Oneshot. Author's summary: Zack brings home a present for both his lovers.

Enter the Vampire by [personal profile] solitaryjane
Oneshot. Author's summary: Written for the prompt 'Sephiroth/Vampire!Cloud/Zack'.

Blanket Battles by [profile] ardwynna_m
Oneshot. Summary: Sephiroth, Zack and Cloud fight over the blanket at night, when they're in bed together.

? by [personal profile] knowing_shadows
Oneshot. Summary: Written based on the prompt 'what happens after Cloud gets into SOLDIER in Fusion'.

Untitled by [personal profile] knowing_shadows
Oneshot. Author's summary: Naughtiness in Nibelheim.

Oneshot. Summary: Written for the "FFVII Kink Meme", with the prompt 'Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud, double penetration making a nice Cloud sandwich'.

Rapture by [profile] staciscribbles
Oneshot. Author's summary: There were a million little truths to let Zack know that no matter how hard he tried, he'd never measure up.

As Easy as This by [personal profile] cleflink
Oneshot. Summary: Final Fantasy VII, OT4: male harem - the planet was determined that the 'Last Cetra' would not be the last, no matter HOW many people it had to bring back from the dead.

Heart and Home by [personal profile] cleflink
Oneshot. Author's summary: It was the perfect solution to the situation. No, really.

Untitled by [personal profile] cleflink
Oneshot. Summary: Sequel to Heart and Home. A scene about what happens after Sephiroth, Zack and Cloud share an apartment and live together in marital bliss.

Fire, Dreams and Twilight by Katreal
In progress. Author's summary: All it takes is one 'dream' to push events into motion that will change the very fate of Gaea. Armed with foreknowledge, and a clueless exTurk at his side, a young Cloud Strife is bound and determined to change the path destiny was walking down.

The edges of the worlds by mystiri1
Complete. Author's summary: After a rift eruption destroys Gongaga and its inhabitants, Zack returns home to keep an eye on things. It's a solitary existence until the rift lets through two warriors. Zack may have some company, if he can keep them from killing each other.

Injured by [profile] cryptjo
Oneshot. Author's summary: Impatient and impulsive, Zack is injured in the 'line of duty'. Can his lovers make him feel better?

Questions without Answers by [profile] cryptjo
Oneshot. Summary: When Cloud is plucked out of the audience to meet his rock star hero, all of his dreams finally come true.

Hand basket by [personal profile] cleflink
Oneshot. Summary: Sephiroth made a sexy Big Bad Wolf, and Cloud in red…? Hot.

A Thousand Falling Leaves by [personal profile] rafira
Oneshot. Summary: Drabbles featuring multiple pairings, including SZC and ZC.

Playing with Fire by [personal profile] cleflink
Oneshot. Summary: A sidefic for the author's Wild Ones AU story. Zack decides that Sephiroth's spending too much time cooped up at the castle.

Guide by [personal profile] anyssia
IP. Summary: Nibelheim's reactor is due for a check-up and sixteen years old Cloud is hired to take the coming soldiers up the mountain.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

One True Love by [personal profile] anyssia
Oneshot. Summary: Every Tom, Dick and Vincent knows that you can only have one true love. Except, maybe not. This ficlet is set in the universe of the author's other fanfic Guide and is a snapshot about Cloud’s fantasies of Sephiroth and Zack.

Elusive by [personal profile] anyssia
Oneshot. Summary: :They were on his heels again. Cloud snarled and ran behind yet another house, hoping to shake them off. This ficlet is set in the universe of the author's other fanfic Guide.

Forbidden Fruit by [profile] tootchy
IP. Summary: He was born from a cloud, and so he was Cloud: a weapon created specifically to kill the calamity. She pushed him from the sky and he fell into the arms of General Sephiroth and Lieutenant Fair. However he was not as loyal to Mother Sky as it seemed.

Idea by [profile] magick_fyre
Oneshot. Summary: "I've got an idea," was all Zack had said. Four simple, innocent little words. Yet somehow, whenever Zack used them, Cloud would invariably find himself in situations he never would have expected, not in a million years.

Charming by LadySephi
IP. Summary: Everyone loves Prince Sephiroth. They have to-he's cursed. Cloud turns to magic to save his heart and become the one person in the kingdom able to resist the Prince's "Charm".

Note: As mentioned, you're welcomed to leave fic recs for me in a comment. However, do note that I started this list mainly for myself, so I only add fics which I enjoyed reading. Please do not take it personally if your fic is not here.

Also, please leave fic rec comments in the following format to make it easier on me:

Title of fic:

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