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A LaviYuu fic rec list with Chinese fics, this was moved over from my private journal when it started to go over the post limit. Do comment if you have good fics not on the list! :)

Last updated on 27th Jan 10.

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♣ My other fic rec lists can be found here. Included are a LaviYuu rec list for English fics and another list for fics responses at [profile] dgmkinkmeme.

Lavi x Kanda

百分之百分之百 by praymoon
Oneshot. Summary: Thanks to a little trick by Komui, Lavi and Kanda exchange bodies. This just makes it easier for Lavi to try and destroy Mugen, his self-declared rival for Kanda's affections.

休假 by praymoon
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi and Kanda are on vacation together, and it's up to Lavi to make the vacation enjoyable for his lover, Lemon.

许愿 by praymoon
Oneshot. Summary: It's Christmas, and Lavi wants to get Kanda to make a wish and enjoy the festive season.

日落 by praymoon
Oneshot. Summary: They were once lovers, but in order to continue his life as a Bookman, Lavi was forced to forget all about Kanda. This is their final sunset.

雪初 by praymoon
Oneshot. Summary: Allen and Lavi both like Kanda, so Lavi proposes a competition: whoever can call Kanda by his name and not tick off Kanda wins.

遙香七里 by praymoon
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi promised him that they'd be together to watch the flower they planted bloom. It was a promise meant to be broken. Death.

墨与尘 by praymoon
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi and Kanda once smiled, doted, and loved each other. Now, no corridor is wide enough to let them both through at the same time.

不放 by praymoon
Oneshot. Summary: 「阿優。 能夠遇見你,是我這輩子最大的幸福。」「三個字。」神田瞄了一眼對方疑惑的表情,道。

初亿 by praymoon
Oneshot. Summary: After a grueling mission that leaves Kanda heavily injured, he wakes up in a hotel room with a redhead whom he's never met before. Kanda and Lavi's first meeting.

影痕 by praymoon
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda has a suicide mission, and Lavi refuses to let him go. Even Bookman cannot stop him from going after Kanda.

Loner by praymoon
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda's always told Lavi to go to hell. He should learn that it's not effective at all for it just gives Lavi ideas.

Be my last by shin199032
Oneshot. Summary: A sweet little moment between Lavi and Kanda as Kanda thinks of their relationship. Lemon.

不完美的恋人 by shin199032
Oneshot. Summary: A day out under the sun together, when Kanda accidentally injures Lavi, and they talk about their mortality.

by shin199032
Oneshot. Summary: On the battlefield during a mission, Kanda falls. Lavi can only stay with him until the end. Death.

那夜 by shin199032
Oneshot. Summary: That night, Lavi brought a box of chocolates to Kanda's room. Sweet chocolates turned out to be the least of Kanda's worries. Lemon.

親愛的,願意娶我嗎?by shin199032
Complete? Summary: Based on Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. Komui has set out a rule: if Lenalee wants to get married, her elder sister, Yuu, has to marry first. Allen, eager to marry Lenalee, recruits the help of his friend Lavi. Female!Kanda, work-in-progress that will not be updated online anymore.
Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

海潮水 by shin199032
Oneshot. Summary: On their day off, Lavi brings Kanda to the beach for a walk and a bit of action. Lemon.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

酒后乱[兴] by shin199032
Oneshot. Summary: It's Lavi's birthday, and Kanda's already promised to be nicer to him for the day. Who knew a little alcohol would change things?

崩壞 by rainno
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda is on his death bed, and Lavi is the only one by his side. Death.

聖痕 by rainno
Oneshot. Summary: After Kanda's death, Lavi seeks out the Noah to help him revive his beloved. Sequel to 《崩壞》.

朦朧 by rainno
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda's taking a bath in the common bath area in the Order, but he gets more than he bargained for when he heads into the sauna room. Lemon.

by rainno
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda wakes up from a bad dream where Lavi breaks up with him, and too caught up in it, he mixes up reality and the dream.

巡夏 by rainno
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi knows that as the bookman heir, he can't fall in love, but with Kanda around, it's a little hard to accomplish that. Especially when Kanda isn't as cold-hearted as Lavi thinks he is.

模範童話 by rainno
Complete? Summary: Princess Lenalee has been 'kidnapped' by the 'evil' demon king Kanda, and a worried Komui sends Lavi to rescue her. Crack, OC, and work-in-progress but will not be updated online again.
Part 1

赤兔的野望 by rainno
Complete? Summary: Lavi is a rabbit spirit saved by a young Kanda, and Lavi decides to repay his debt by serving him for life. Crack, OC, and work-in-progress but will not be updated online again, Kid!Kanda
Part 1

虹結 by rainno
Complete? Summary: On a mission to investigate a mysterious vase that's caused all who owned it to die a horrible death, Lavi meets the son of the vase's latest owner: Yuu. Slight AU, and work-in-progress but will not be updated online again
Part 1

此情可待成追憶 by rainno
Complete. Summary: Lavi tells Allen about his childhood with Kanda, about how they moved in together and then separated. Crack, Kid!Kanda, Kid!Lavi
Part 1

錯誓 by rainno
Complete. Summary: Komui and Kanda form an odd relationship out of loneliness. Komui+Kanda centric, with smudges of Lavi+Kanda
Part 1

艷影 by rainno
Complete? Summary: In a family tradition, Kanda was cursed to live off other men's life-force. AU, and work-in-progress but will not be updated online again
Part 1

耳環 by rainno
Oneshot. Summary: The science department created a pair of earrings for Kanda and Lavi for their joint-mission, and Lavi tries to convince Kanda to keep it.

Sanctuary by rainno
Oneshot. Summary: During a short moment of reunion in between missions, Lavi cannot help but ask for kisses and whisper sweet nothings into his lover's ears.

芙蓉歌 by rainno
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda's waiting for Lavi to return. Death.

Would you marry me, baby? by rainno
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi tries to propose to Kanda, but Kanda is especially sensitive to such sweet utterings.

Wish by rainno
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda doesn't want to get angry, but he can't help it when Lavi invites Allen and Lenalee to their table after seemingly to have promised him a date.

雨歌 by rainno
Oneshot. Summary: When Kanda and Lavi are on vacation and it's raining, what else can they do but have a date in the rain? Even if Akumas prowl around.

Butterfly by m77708297261548
Complete. Summary: Kanda disappeared with the Ark's destruction and Lavi was forced to give something up in order to get him back.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Found by m77708297261548
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi goes around the Order, asking the others if they've seen Kanda.
Part 1 | Part 2

No Longer by m77708297261548
Complete. Summary: When Kanda did not catch up with them in the Ark, Lavi knew the worst had happened. Death.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Our Black Wedding by m77708297261548
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi and Kanda finally go down the aisle together at a dilapitated church. Death.

書人育兒日記 by fateru
Oneshots. Summary: Thanks to Komui's experiments, Kanda's reduced to a child, both physically and mentally. Lavi gets to be his babysitter.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

兩人往後的日子 by fateru
Oneshot. Summary: Unwilling to let Kanda go out on missions and worsen his injuries anymore, Lavi takes drastic measures, which included some help from Komui. Mpreg.

Sun Doll by fateru
Complete. Summary: Kanda's always been putting up sun dolls to pray for good weather, but the sun's ever so elusive. Lavi thinks it's way too passive. Death.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

圍巾 by b890353
Oneshot. Summary: It's Christmas, but Kanda hasn't talked to Lavi in a week, ever since he kicked the rabbit out of his room after a lover's spat.

偏執 by b890353
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi can't wait to get back from his mission, because Kanda promised that he'd be waiting in his room. Lime.

距離 by b890353
Complete. Summary: Chatting with his online friend YU is one of the things Lavi looks forward to every day. And then he met and befriended Lenalee's good friend, Yuu. Modern AU.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

微笑PASTA訂婚 by sun5hap at 玲˙瓏˙坊
Oneshot. Summary: As children, Lavi tricks Kanda into an engagement. AU, Kid!Kanda, Kid!Lavi

微笑PASTA忘婚 by sun5hap
Oneshot. Summary: Sequel to 《微笑PASTA訂婚》. Kanda moves to the city soon after the previous fic, and Lavi decides to follow him there. AU, Kid!Kanda, Kid!Lavi

拉神10000人次感謝賀文 by sun5hap
Oneshot. Summary: After Komurin destroyed Lavi's room, Lavi was assigned to move in with Kanda. Crack.

生命之終 by sun5hap
Complete. Summary: Too distraught after Kanda's death, Lavi refuses see the truth and instead seeks refuge in a wax figure modeled after his dead lover.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Remember by sun5shap
Completed. Summary: As children, Kanda made a promise to Lavi that he would never forget him. But as they grew up, Lavi worries that Kanda is starting to miss him for somebody else. Kid!Kanda, Kid!Lavi
Part 1 | Part 2

酒不能亂喝 by sun5hap
Oneshot. Summary: Lenalee gets Kanda drunk, and as what all fangirls would do, sends him into Lavi's room. Crack.

by sun5hap
Oneshot. Summary: It was a story that came from the woods behind the Black Order HQ. Lavi and Kanda's first meeting. Kid!Kanda, Kid!Lavi

世.言 by sun5hap
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda doesn't believe in reincarnation and the afterlife. Lavi does not need to believe it. He already knows.

吾非此意 by sun5hap
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda is furious over something Lavi did, and now he's going to hunt down the stupid rabbit, no matter the obstacles! Kid!Kanda, Kid!Lavi

生日蛋糕 for 拉比,生日快樂 by sun5hap
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda's forgotten Lavi's birthday again, and in order to make up, he recruits Lenalee's help in baking a cake. Only that the cake didn't turn out quite the way they'd expected.

遺書 by sun5hap
IP. Summary: Kanda was on the battlefield with Lavi, but the next thing he knows, he's in an entirely different era. He tries to find his Lavi, but all he can find is someone who looks exactly like Lavi and even shares the same name.
Prologue | Part 1

櫻花雪 by sun5hap
Oneshot. Summary: With Kanda near death, all Lavi wants to do is bring him to Japan to see the sakura showers. It was their promise. Death.

月下老人 by sun5hap
Oneshot. Summary: According to Chinese mythology, an old man is in charge of all marriages, and he does so by tying two people's red threads together. Kanda refuses to have his thread tied to Lavi's.

by LaviAndKanda
Oneshot. Summary: A sweet moment between Lavi and Kanda.

擱淺 by LaviAndKanda
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi is aware of how Kanda feels towards Allen, and like a fish that's been stranded on the shore, he can only struggle to breathe and continue.

相見,不如懷念 by LaviAndKanda
Oneshot. Summary: Everyone has gone their separate ways after the war. Even Kanda and Lavi, who were once lovers.

聲音 by LaviAndKanda
Oneshot. Summary: If Lavi did not come looking for him after returning from a mission, Kanda knew that the redhead would definitely be at the library to fully absorb what'd happened.

想你 by Yuoto
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi's always waited at the door whenever Kanda's returning from a mission. This time, Kanda wants to do the same for Lavi.

不曾期待 by Yuoto
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda can only regret never taking up Lavi's offer. Death.

十週年 by Yuoto
Oneshot. Summary: Today is the 10-year anniversary of Kanda and Lavi's first meeting, and Lavi recalls the events of that day. Kid!Kanda, Kid!Lavi

四季 by Yuoto
Oneshot. Summary: They've been together for spring, summer and autumn, but this will be their final winter together. Death.

有期徒刑 by Yuoto
Oneshot. Summary: After Kanda injures Lavi, Lenalee hands down her sentence: Kanda will have to take care of Lavi until Lavi gets better. Things get better when both of them have to carry out a dare on Lenalee's command.

黑貓 by Yuoto
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi picks up a stray cat from the streets and decides to keep it. It reminds him too much of Kanda anyway.

一池荷渠 by a09602012
Complete. Summary: Kanda thought Lavi had died. Lemon.
Part 1 | Part 2

by sorrow10790
Oneshot. Summary: After Lavi joins the Noah clan, Kanda only wants to know why.

焦點模糊 by sorrow10790
Oneshot. Summary: Even when he's feeling ill, Kanda would never say it out loud. The only clue Lavi got was that Kanda's caustic, barking retort was non-existent that day.

by sorrow10790
Oneshot. Summary: Even if eternity is impossible for them, Lavi wants to treasure every moment they have together.

視線 by sorrow10790
Oneshot. Summary: God, please tell me how to stop time; I want to stay by Yuu's side forever.

Untitled by sorrow10790
Erm, questionnaire. Summary: It's actually a questionnaire filled by Kanda and Lavi about their relationship. Crack.

鬼豔 by crossrocking
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda's lover and best friend deal with life after he's gone. Death. OC.

花罐 by sirius5152
Oneshot. Summary: 『教團裡這麼多人,搞不懂為什麼你非要來煩我不可?』『因為教團內那麼多人,我想找的就只有阿優一個嘛。』

畫眉 by Shaytan
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi tricks Kanda into letting him put makeup on his face, and in the process, Kanda finally realizes the way Lavi looks at him is not the way one looks at a friend.

DoLL, a fic by Houseki-hime (宝石姫), translated by 留以子
Completed. Summary: A story that spans over 13 years, and it started when seven-year-old Lavi met Kanda Yuu for the first time in the Black Order's headquarters. He was instantly attracted, and despite warnings that he should never get close to Yuu, Lavi couldn't help but meet up with him. But he could never understand why Yuu welcomed men into his room at night.
Note: Link directs to a forum post, so scroll down to get to the fic.
Mirror link

我要我们在一起 by 萌·拉神·线
IP. Summary: After promising him forever, Kanda's lover, 澈, disappears. When Lavi joins the Order, Kanda is surprised to realize that he looks exactly like his lost lover.

勿忘草 by 0遠藤千秋0
Oneshot. Summary: A short moment between Kanda and Lavi, and the morning after when Allen discovers their relationship.

半夏 by 空届凌 @ 凌空之届 (fic also found here)
IP. Summary: As classmates and lovers, Lavi and Kanda did everything together. They lived together in the school dorms, studied together, loved together. But their love was forbidden and they were forced to break up. 4 years later, they meet again. AU.
星球, 序幕 | 蓝国, 第一夜 | 离痕, 第二夜 | 水牢, 第三夜 | 沉雨, 第四夜 | 镜面, 第五夜 | 葬礼, 第六夜

时浅 by 空届凌
Complete. Summary: Lavi promised himself: if after 10000 "I love you" and still Yuu did not return his feelings, he would leave and become a Bookman. To Kanda, the 10000 "I love you" were frivolous and insincere, but he had gotten addicted to hearing them come out of Lavi's lips.
Night 1 | Night 2 | Night 3 | Night 4 | Night 5 | Night 6 | Night 7

输·赢 by 空届凌
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi and Kanda are always betting with each other, and this time, it was a bet that Kanda was destined to lose.

坟·冢·墓 by 空届凌
Oneshot. Summary: Ever since Lavi died, Kanda's been visiting his grave whenever he misses him. But is Lavi really dead, or is Kanda just refusing to admit that 'that man' is his Lavi?

七天之锁 by 空届凌
Oneshot. Summary: I broke up with Yuu. We didn't say a word.

江湖 by 空届凌
Oneshot. Summary: With Bookman dead, Lavi became targeted by the Noah and the Earl for being the recorder of the dark history. In order to protect everyone around him, Lavi left the Order in self-exile.

潮打空城寂寞回•猜心游戏 by 空届凌
Oneshot. Summary: The line between dreams and reality is always a blur. Tomorrow is the day of lovers in Chinese tradition. Or is it?

暖色 by 暮夏乙
Oneshot. Summary: A short moment in the lives of students Lavi and Kanda. AU.

不想放手 by xiaoley
Complete. Summary: When Noah Enterprises desperately needed a model to show off their latest car model, Kanda Yuu turned up and was immediately signed on. For Kanda, a spy, it was just his way of infiltrating the company.

优嫁我的五十个理由 by 可可配
Oneshot. Summary: What the title says. XD Crack.

黑夜童话 by 倒数3年
Complete. Summary: Lavi disappears one night, only to reappear before Kanda with the Noah clan. It was supposed to be his mission too, but now Kanda's stuck back at the Order waiting for Lavi to complete the mission and come back.

见鬼了???见鬼了!!! by 倒数3年
Complete. Summary: Lavi and Kanda go on a mission that involves a haunted mansion. Crack.

教团琐碎生活记事薄(1) by 倒数3年
Complete. Summary: A series of ficlets about fluffy and sweet Lavi and Kanda moments.

不许!用我的脸傻笑!!! by 倒数3年
Complete. Summary: After an accident which involved Kanda and Lavi hitting their heads against each other, they realized that they've exchanged bodies. Crack.

解药!死神巧克力? by 倒数3年
Complete. Lavi is accidentally poisoned, and now it's a race against time to gather the ingredients required to make the antidote. Crack.

从战争片开始!?by 倒数3年
Twoshots. Summary: Thanx to Komui's meddling, Lavi and Kanda had to take turns to be each other's babysitters.
拉比篇 | 神田篇

永远 by 出尘夜舞
Complete. Summary: Death comes swiftly for Kanda, and even if Lavi lets him go, the Earl does not. There will be a new Noah before the night ends.

Noah's Ark by 月魂絕影
IP. Summary: With his memories sealed away, Lavi forgot about his real family. When he awakens, he will do everything in his power to take Kanda with him to the Noahs.

五号公馆 by gloria27
IP. Summary: Mansion number 5. It was somewhat of a landmark of the town, what with the owner's strange habit of opening up its doors to strangers who wanted a place to stay. Lavi was one of those strangers. And then he opened up his window one day and saw an injured man lying on the ground. That was the start of his journey. AU.

深海命运物语 by 赤月菱优
IP. Summary: The story took place in an age of pirates. Lavi was a feared pirate. Kanda was his captive. But Kanda's enslavement was much too easy, and he was much too clever and capable to be mere hostage. His agenda remains hidden. AU.

贝壳 by malu丸子
IP. Summary: When he was just a child still living in Japan, Kanda was helped by a child with emerald eyes and red hair. They'd just met once, but Kanda never forgot him. And then he grew up, joined the Order, and there was Lavi who reminded him of a lot of things.

伤口 by Oo格oO
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi doesn't like seeing the injuries Kanda gets from kendo, so he asks him to give it up. Kanda, to his surprise, agrees.

二三事 by 一木恩
Complete. Summary: Made up of 3 ficlets, 《拥抱篇》,《外出篇》and《考试篇》, it's about Kanda and Lavi's lives in the Order together.

灭烬 by o○糀籽oоО
Complete. Summary: Lavi, accused of fraternizing with the Noah, was to be punished for heresy, but Kanda lets him go and takes his place.

一页空白 by 韩信枫
IP. Summary: After Lavi is rejected by Kanda, he leaves the Order for a long term mission and for his Bookman duties. Kanda waits for him to return.

终点指向五百二十页 by 韩信枫
Oneshot. Summary: It's just a few days before Christmas, and Kanda chances upon Lavi saying 'I love you' to Allen.

千菊祭 by 韩信枫
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi's favourite flowers were chrysanthemums. Kanda never forgot that, even when someone who looks exactly like Lavi appeared after his death.

RK童话的故事 by 抽抽小妖
Complete. Summary: A LaviYuu fairy tale, which is actually made up of a few well-known fairy tales. AU.

晴空·彼岸 by flance
Complete. Summary: They had grown up together, and although Kanda would never admit it out loud, Lavi was his best friend. But after their graduation, Lavi left to see the world and Kanda decided to stay and find a job. It was a decision that separated them for 8 years. AU.

友人系列 by 袏_珥
Complete. Summary: A series of ficlets talking about Kanda and Lavi's relationship, each from a different person's perspective.

从相识到相恋 by 我是二四
Complete. Summary: When Lavi doesn't understand why a relationship between himself and Kanda doesn't seem to be working out, he decides to consult a book.

Godless by 隔岸两生花
Oneshot. Summary: A novelization of the doujinshi Allegro non tant.

by 悲伤的麦子
IP. Summary: Lenalee has died, but Lavi cannot forget her. It was during one of those days when he was thinking of her that he met Kanda.

喂,H是什么? by Shmily水易寒
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda still thinks that H is the eighth letter in the English alphabet. Humour.

不求永恒,爱时只需刻苦铭心 by 优映月月斜莲
IP. Summary: Kanda gets anmesia during a mission, and though he remembers almost everyone, the one person he does forget happens to be the person he likes the most.

曼陀罗 by 孱之泪
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda should have died during the final battle, but Lavi willfully extended his life against Kanda's wishes. For the next 15 years, Kanda is trapped between long sleeps and short bouts of consciousness.

灰阶 by narnia11105
Complete. Summary: The Black Order is not as noble as they'd made themselves to look. The Noahs are not as heartless as one believes. Stuck between them is Kanda, betrayed and loved by both.

从此以后 by 洛枫溦蓝
Complete. Summary: Kanda, kidnapped by Tyki, lost all his memories but when he finally returned to the Order, Lavi knows that they can no longer be together. Death.

嗫きのアルペシオ by 有琴惹
Oneshot. Summary: "可以了吧,你们的爱情难道一定要用死亡来验证吗?!" Death.

经典童话 by Prince·G
Oneshot. Summary: After the final battle, Kanda is trapped in a deep coma but one day, he suddenly awakens. Or does he?

萝卜记事 by 绯曳
Oneshot. Summary: Why was everyone staring at him like he was a carrot?

八点档 by 苹果喵喵子
Oneshot. Summary: Their lives were like a drama serial that always aired at 8pm: it was sweet, it was warm, it was life. AU.

婚礼进行时 by AICFC
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi and Kanda are getting married~

一直陪在你身边 by 诺僷
Complete. Summary: Even Kanda's curse could not save him, and Lavi walks with him until the end. But one day, Kanda reappears at the Order with no memories of Lavi.

一直陪在你身边 『子拉神喜剧版』 by 诺僷
Oneshot. Summary: As kids, they made a promise to stay with the other forever.

无题·清明祭 by _黒護額_
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda was training to be a monk, Lavi was a missionary. Death. AU.

给神明一个耳光 by 倒数小年
Oneshot. Summary: 我呢,只是阿优你人生道路中一个不起眼的过客……路过的时候你看了我一眼,而我却为这回眸搭上了一辈子。这便是‘命运’。

Illusion by 卡琳
Complete. Summary: Kanda was a lounge singer when Lavi first approached him to form a band. But Lavi seems to be more than just a singer. AU.

兔子和黑猫的恋爱保险 by RK·道
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi wants Kanda to sign a love contract with him. AU.

属于 by 舞い
Oneshot. Summary: To avenge his family, Kanda made a contract with the devil. AU.

和尘同光 by 清砥
Oneshot. Summary: As exorcists, Kanda and Lavi had a strange affinity.

螵蛸 by Firemoon火月
IP. Summary: A girl approached Lavi for help to deal with a stalker - Kanda.

幽爱 and 残爱 by 青羽Redo
IP. Summary: Others had always tried to get close to Kanda for their advantages. Is Lavi one of them?

碎梦 by 殘_落月
IP. Summary: Sent on a difficult mission alone, Lavi's condition was that if he returned alive, Kanda would be his reward.

七宗罪 by 优架
Complete. Summary: 7 oneshots, each focusing on one aspect of Lavi and Kanda's relationship. Named after the seven sins: 贪婪、骄傲、愤怒、色欲、懒惰、嫉妒、饕餮.

So in love by LinYenˇ凌影
IP. Summary: Lavi takes care of a feverish Kanda.

妖宠 by 神田雨
IP. Summary: Kanda, a demon, was exiled and ended up in the human realm. An accident bounded to Lavi, a human.

致爱丽丝 by vincent′凉
IP. Summary: Lavi, Kanda and Lenalee go undercover in a nunnery.

失去你的第三个世纪 by vincent′凉
IP. Summary: Lavi had yet to find a way to confess his feelings to Kanda.

莲花泪 by ≈暴暴蓝≈
IP. Summary: An orphan, Kanda was taken in by the general, whose son Lavi seemed to quite like Kanda. AU.

空竹莲香 by 悲伤的麦子
IP. Summary: Bound by their duties, Lavi and Kanda's trod down separate paths, but they can't stop thinking of the other.

花舞蝶影 by 蓝若汐
IP. Summary: Life has been tough for Lavi after his mother died in child birth. The first act of kindness Lavi remembers was from a boy wearing clothes that reminded him of butterflies.

Secret by FIREMOON火月
Complete. Summary: Kanda is a student from Japan, and life in US confuses him. But his new friend, Lavi, will teach him otherwise.

Lose and Remember by xiaoley
Complete. Summary: Kanda and Lavi used to be lovers, but Kanda has forgotten Lavi and now Lavi can only try his best to keep his distance lest Kanda be drawn into his dangerous existence again.

日记 by 露易莲
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi deals with Kanda's death by writing his diary.

爱了才懂 by 诺僷
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi has seemingly fallen for someone else, and he breaks it up with Kanda. AU.

名字 by 神田雨
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda gets mad at Lavi for calling him by his name. He wanted to call Lavi by his real name too.

Love Call by 君心
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda is waiting for Lavi's call.

Do you love me? by Boo波
IP. Summary: Kanda, 18, picked up Lavi, 5, from the streets. AU.

熙路 by 尽头是你在等我
Oneshot. Summary: An immortal, Lavi spends his time looking for Kanda's reincarnation over and over again.

十年 by 苹果喵喵子
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda promised to wait for Lavi for 10 years. And another 10 years. Then another 10.

Gone but not Forgotten by 林由一
Oneshot. Summary: From his childhood to his death, Lavi was with him every step of the way. He had no regrets. Death.

Answer by 紫い夜
Oneshot. Summary: As his world blacked out, Kanda still owed Lavi an answer: yes, I love you.

如果全世界都下雨 by CO2
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda never brought an umbrella when he was out on missions. If it rained, he would definitely come back looking like a drowned rat.

黑教团风云又起之剧场狂澜 by kluma芒果
Complete. Summary: The Black Order put up a play. Crack.

彼此单恋 by 腐kingair
Complete. Summary: Lavi reappeared months after his disappearance during a mission where he’d taken a near fatal blow for Kanda, but his memories were gone and so was his love for Kanda.

秘密关系 by Daylin4
Complete. Summary: That was how Lavi and Kanda’s relationship worked, strange as it was.

浮华之夜 by flance
Complete. Summary: At a Black Order gathering, Lavi and Kanda hide for their personal entertainment. Lemon.

无言 by 舞い
Complete. Summary: After Lavi left, Kanda kept seeing him everywhere. Even when Allen was right before him, Kanda could still see the redhead superimposed over him. Death.

发丝 by 舞い
Oneshot. Summary: He dyed his hair blue over and over again, every time it grew out. He just couldn’t forget how the other had loved his black hair so much.

梦的延续 by 舞い
IP. Summary: Kanda only wanted to maintain his bar with Lenalee, but a stranger, Lavi, is not making it easy for him. AU.

钢铁森林 by 小澈普林斯
IP. Summary: Being handsome and the heir to a big company, Lavi was a popular man with girls. And then he ducked into a dark alley one day and met the prettiest person he’d ever laid his eyes on.

死神之判 by 秧离SAMA
Complete. Summary: Lavi wanted revenge, and he had no qualms about using his forbidden technique to accomplish that. Kanda can only stay by his side and witness his self-destruction.

很久以前与很久以后 by 倒数3年
Oneshot. Summary: In the otherworld, they’d traveled together. In this life, they meet again.

冰莲 by 水月绫幽
Oneshot. Summary: Just 2 days ago, they’d been together. The next time Lavi saw him, Kanda was already sealed in ice like a doll on display. Death.

提拉米苏 by Tsujido
Oneshot. Summary: Everyday at 3pm, the redhead would appear at my bakery and buy two slices of tiramisu. His partner loved tiramisu, he said, because it was the only dessert that was not excessively sweet. AU.

三日——Yuu篇 by Tsujido
Oneshot. Summary: It’s their anniversary, and Lavi wants to give Kanda a surprise. Fluff. Humour.

等待 by 恒渊
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi was waiting for him at the final bridge in the netherworld. Death. Angst? Fluff?

Sweet Family by 绿叶包子
Oneshot. Summary: Thanks to science and the knowledge of the bookmen, anything is possible. Even having a child.

越过 by 绿叶包子
Oneshot. Summary: Some things will never be forgotten. A oneshot describing about their childhood all the way to after the war.

门的另一边 by 狐狸yi巴
Oneshot. Summary: “When you get back, I’ll treat you to some roast meat!”Lavi said. Kanda had brushed him off, so why did he stop at the roast meat store while returning from a mission?

如果无欲是这样 by 月魂絕影
Complete. Summary: What if Kanda got pregnant? Whose child is that? LaviYuu, TykiYuu, AU, mpreg, slight crack.

假手于人 by ◣阎•冥•杀◥
Oneshot. Summary: Despite all his proclaimations of love for Kanda, Lavi suddenly has a girl he likes? Fluff.

跑酷男孩的夏日恋情 by 神田雨
Complete. Summary: A writer, Lavi, wanted to interview Kanda for his new book on parkour. AU.

神田变身!黑•猫 by 毒鸠之羽
Oneshot. Summary: Thanks to a potion by Komui, Kanda was now… a cat.

送给你的星空 by 雪炼
Oneshot. Summary: For Lavi’s birthday, Kanda gave him the entire sky. Fluff.

夏天已完结 by 战死dé冬天
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi wanted to grow up and make lots and lots of money so he could give Kanda the best medical treatment. AU. Death.

The Beginning of the Ending by 末_木
Complete. Summary: Lavi had been missing for three days when Kanda was chucked onto a train bound for the place where Lavi was last seen. Death.

灰尘 by 飞夕的海
IP. Summary: Caught by Tyki, Kanda bides his time. Lavi, on the other hand, wants to rescue him but Bookman warns him that he's getting too attached.

Fruit interdit by allegronontant
IP. Summary: Kanda and Lavi were just normal students leading a very normal life. That is, until Allen Walker and Tyki transferred to their class.

承诺 by 诺僷
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda didn’t know what had possessed him to meet Lavi at the cliff. He had even less idea why he’d let Lavi take him all the way to an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

同人女 by 左佐小姐
IP. Summary: In which Lavi and Allen are jealous of each other because of Kanda.

阿喀琉斯之踵 by _黒護額_
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda’s got frostbite at his ankle, just like how Achilles' ankle was his weakness.

君祭•血腥玛丽 by 洛月叶
Complete. Summary: Kanda liked the Bloody Mary the bartender made for him, night after night. AU. Slight angst.

十年 by 雨潋
Oneshot. Summary: It’s been ten years since they first met, and they promised each other that they would still be together in another ten years.

雨之断章 by 雨潋
Complete. Summary: When it rains, Lavi gets to see the real Yuu.

机不可失,时不再来 by 北绫
Oneshot. Summary: It’s Lavi’s birthday, and Kanda got him… a match?

恋莲 by 暮靄晓月
IP. Summary: Kanda and Lavi first met beside a pond, where the first lotus had blossomed.

夜色 by 隔岸两生花
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi and Kanda always feared separation. Lemon.

遗迹 by 雪儿水月
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda finds an injured Lavi in the ruins.

Endless by 雪ぁ紫雨落月
Oneshot. Summary: At the end of the war, Kanda and Lavi go their separate ways. Lavi's journey eventually leads him back to Japan to find his lover.

和拉神有关的日子 by 牛奶浓香
IP. Summary: "没关系。谁让他那张脸非来强奸我的性取向呢。"

雨季 by f28282288
IP. Summary: After Kanda insulted Allen, Allen gets his revenge by introducing a pretty Miss Yuu to his friend Lavi. AU.

Destiny by 白浊茱萸
IP. Summary: Kanda is a poor orphan studying at Bookman Academy. Lavi is the heir to the Bookman empire and he just so happens to be nursing the biggest crush on Kanda. AU Highschool.

旧影 by _______小小苏
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi left his hometown for prosperous Tokyo and became a lawyer there, yet he still feels something is missing from his life. AU. Death.

短镜头•你听不到 by 澈_公子
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi may love Kanda, but he is a Bookman afterall.

宽恕 by 舞い
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda was a hired killer, Lenalee was his sister, and Lavi was an eye witness who fell in love with him. AU.

by 折翼的该隐
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda and Lavi are addicted to each other. Fluff.

Colourful Dream by 折翼的该隐
Oneshot. Summary: It's after the war, and Kanda and Lavi are still together, along with Allen and Lenalee. But is it for real? Angst.

伤花 by 福_云影
IP. Summary: Kanda arrived at a town, looking for inspiration for his new novel. What he'd forgotten was that he'd been in this town before, and when he left 8 years ago, he'd left someone behind. AU.

苦酒 by 悲伤的麦子
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi was the leader of a small but prosperous city outside of the capital. Kanda was a traveler who'd just visited his city. AU.

声音 by 煙雨杏花寒
Oneshot. Summary: There's one sound that can make Kanda feel at ease.

一日落光 by 黎想渊&泪逝
IP. Summary: Lavi is unaware that, as a second generation exorcist, Kanda can recover from any injury.

sacrifice of soul by 黑色流浪貓
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda is and always will be a sacrifice to god, even when Lavi calls him back and he becomes a Akuma. Death.

A cat, falls in love by 八花螳螂
Oneshot. Summary: If Kanda were a cat in fall with his master. AU.

Heaven by catty93
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi's hesitation cost him the only person he'd ever call a friend. Death.

Black by 舞い
IP. Summary: A serial killer Black is on the loose, and Lavi is the detective after him. AU.

Loner by 月亮上癮
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda had always told Lavi to go to hell, but when it really happens, why is he not happy?

恋爱中的人们都是笨蛋 by
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi was the lazy one, Kanda was the hardworking one. Highschool AU.

誓约 by 紫月冰辰
Oneshot. Summary: When Lavi gets hurt, Kanda panics.

欲望之翼 by 蝶渊瞳
Oneshot. Summary: Of fallen angels and the humans they protect. AU.

小优反攻记 by qiAng墙
IP. Summary: Kanda wants to be the seme, for once.

思念 by Daylin4
Oneshot. Summary: A LaviYuu love story told from Allen, Bookman, and Lenalee's POVs.

Did you died by Boo波
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi was a professional killer who'd killed his lover for a job. So why was Yuu in the pub? AU.

天下 by 悲伤的麦子
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda was a sword spirit who would serve the strongest warlord and grant all his wishes. But Lavi, his current master, would give up everything if Kanda would be his lover. AU.

黑色教团 驱魔师日记 by _蜜児_
Oneshot. Summary: A LaviYuu love story as told through diary entries by various members of the Black Order.

四季 by FIREMOON火月
Complete. Summary: When Lavi let stranger Kanda Yuu into his house, he thought Yuu was his gift from heaven. When he looked back years later after Yuu's death, he knew Yuu had been his punishment. AU. Death.

胆小鬼 by hecatylin
IP. Summary: They were both in love with each other, but both were too afraid to let the other know.

致爱丽丝 by 花解舞
IP. Summary: Lavi just wants Kanda to be the Alice to his rabbit.

留爱 by 舞い
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda was always so cold and aloof. No matter how much Lavi loved him, there was a limit as to how much he could bear with not knowing if Kanda loved him too. Angst. AU.

Heaven by 福_云影
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi woke up one day to see another him lying beside himself. He’d died, but his soul remained.

末站迦南 by 逆疾风时
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi asked Kanda to travel with him after the war. To his surprise, Kanda agreed. But their destination was a final destination. Death. Angst.

疑问 by 闇焰の永恒
Oneshot. Summary: Yuu, would you cry for me if I were to die? Yuu, how should I live on if you were to leave me?

Madrigal by _er君
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda is always running away from the infirmary, leaving Lavi to seek him out.

果实 by 青羽REDO
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi wants a child. Kanda doesn't. But with Komui around and owing Lavi a favour, Kanda will have a child. Mpreg.

专属 by Eassy_Lan
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi gives Kanda a haircut.

On the bus by _君心_
Oneshot. Summary: Stuck on a bus during rush hour, Kanda receives a stranger’s help. AU.

无终之始 by 白菜煮着吃
Oneshot. Summary: In a parallel universe, Kanda is alive. Would Lavi find him? Semi-AU.

爱上你 by 朦胧的星光
Oneshot. Summary: When Lavi is rejected again, he leaves the Black Order and from there, enter the services of the Earl. Light angst.

累了,就睡吧 by 舞い
Oneshot. Summary: When Kanda comes back from a mission, injured, Lavi is the one who fusses over him.

雏菊 by 爿·
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi wanted to know Kanda's favourite flower. Kanda could only tell him he hated lilies. Angst. Death.

除了爱,我一无所有 by 蝶渊瞳
Oneshot. Summary: When Lavi accepted Tiedoll's job offer to be Yuu's English tutor, he had no idea he would end up with nothing but love. AU.

Fighting 记录之眼 by 静介
Oneshot. Summary: A story about the events before Lavi becomes the next Bookman, as narrated by Mugen. Crack.

神的馈赠 by 优离态
Oneshot. Summary: 呐,优,你总说感谢神将我送给你,其实,要感谢神明的是我啊,因为神将他自己送给了我。神田优,你就是我的神。

咋俩结婚吧! by 可可配
Oneshot. Summary: To marry Kanda, schemes and ploys are a must for Lavi. Slight crack.

禁域, original Japanese fan novel by 犬饲のの, translated by ドKYめ
Complete. Summary: In order to become an exorcist despite his inability to sync with an innocence, Kanda chose to insert his soul into a puppet, but now that his puppet body has been through some bad times, he needs to return to his human body. Semi AU.

拉神七夕搞笑贺文 by 依水幽翼
Oneshot. Summary: A florist was just tending to her little shop when a man with red hair stepped in, looking for flowers for his cat. AU.

爱上女王 by qiAng墙
Complete. Summary: When you have a prissy, queen-like lover, life can get rather trying.

梦境暂留 by 悲伤的麦子
Complete. Summary: As a POW in a concentration camp, Kanda never thought he’d see his lover again. AU. Death.

忘我实多 by 花解舞
Complete. Summary: Kanda promised himself that if Lavi said ‘I love you’ 99 times, the 100th confession would come from him. But was Lavi ever serious about him? Angst. Death.

世界尽头のI love you…… by 恋姬蝶
IP. Summary: Lavi found a merperson one day and kept it as a friend, but it isn't too long before he merperson needs to return to the sea. The merperson promises to return in a year. AU.

最旖旎的梦境 by 殇•幻亦伤离
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi remembers the person he’d loved. Death. Angst.

If you come back by 福_云影
Complete. Summary: Kanda is a killer, and his latest assignment is to kill Lavi, the son of a powerful mafia boss. Too bad Lavi’s got a few tricks up his sleeves. AU.

无声系列 by 舞い
Complete. Summary: 12 months of their lives, 12 flowers that represent their love.

倘若只是遇见 by 莫瓃
Oneshot. Summary: 遇见一个人这么简单的事几乎天天都在发生,尤其对四处奔波的驱魔师来说更是如此。

恋人养成攻略 by 花解舞
IP. Summary: When he opened his door that morning, Lavi had not expected Komui to be standing outside with latest invention: a robot named Yuu. AU.

人鱼之恋 by 伶﹨晓晨
Complete. Summary: Love is forbidden between merfolks and human, but Kanda and Lavi find themselves unable to control themselves. And they can only watch their love spiral out of control. AU. Angst. Death.

The Funeral Rites by 枫游光
Oneshot. Summary: He promised that he'd always smile for him, even when the other was near death. Death.

空城 by _君心_
Oneshot. Summary: Without him, Kanda's heart was only an empty existence.

要塞 by 蝶渊瞳
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda wanted to become a general to avenge his father who’d died on the battlefield. Lavi promised to be his military adviser. AU. Death.

街灯 by 梓陌游
Oneshot. Summary: When Komui’s latest invention destroyed the cafeteria, the exorcists paired up to take turns to buy groceries and cook dinner. This is what happens on the day when Lavi and Kanda were paired together.

未知 by 福_云影 和 黑色流浪猫
IP. Summary: Lavi recognized that Japanese boy sold in the slave market. Wasn't he the lover of the arms dealer he'd put in jail? AU.

越简单越幸福 by 诺僷
Oneshot. Summary: 越是简单,越是幸福,不再是驱魔师时的大风大浪担心害怕,安静的日子,恬静的生活。夫复何求啊。

二分之一 by 如§歌
IP. Summary: Lavi lives in two parallel worlds, where he's an exorcist in one and a duke in the other. Semi-AU.

五夜 by 西斯克
Oneshot. Summary: After Lavi gets injured, he thinks about five nights in his life.

—如果夜空没有尽头 by catinfante
Oneshot. Summary: They were the best of friends growing up together. So what went wrong with their relationship?

公主夜未眠 by 蝶渊瞳
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda is a prince/princess who refuses to marry. Lavi is the traveler he meets in the forest. AU.

Last Minute by 福_云影
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi always wakes up 5.50am so he'd get to see Yuu passing by at 6am. It was his habit. Death.

镜子•莲花 by 诺僷
Oneshot. Summary: 有时候,拉比会觉得神田像一面镜子。真实…… 虚幻……

火警110 by 冲田蝶
Oneshot. Summary: Where Kanda is a crime scene investigator and Lavi is an officer specializing in arson. AU.

X by 悲伤的麦子
Oneshot. Summary: A story of two assassins from the JR clan, and their enemy, Tyki of the Noah clan. AU.

水鬼 by T_T囧囧
IP. Summary: TBA.

by 优离态
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda was an inmate, Lavi and Tyki were wardens. AU.

冬季 by 七瞳猫
Oneshot. Summary: Their first meeting was in winter, at a hill behind the Headquarters. Kid!Lavi and kid!Kanda.

五夜梦境记录 by 悲伤的麦子
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi has been hearing things. Or has he? AU. Supernatural.

Always Online by 福_云影
Oneshot. Summary: When Lavi heard that a plane – the one that Kanda was taking – had crashed, his world crashed too. AU.

分手 by 清澄∑桃殿
Oneshot. Summary: It was a breakup Lavi never meant to happen.

Doll House by V诡音V
IP. Summary: After Kanda's assassination, a company manufactures a doll that looks just like him.

这个、RP太高 by 小澈普林斯
Oneshot. Summary: 让拉比忘掉一个[并不爱]他的人,否则神田不安心。

画沙 by ┏Freedom┓
Oneshot. Summary: They were soldiers, fighting on the same side until Lavi went MIA one day. AU.

上邪 by 蝶渊瞳
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi fell in love with Kanda, a courtesan, but their love would only last one summer. AU.

黑色亡灵 by 水心
IP. Summary:

卡萨布兰卡 by 零透剧
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi, ruler of the kingdom, and Kanda, a swordsman, were in love. But Lavi's subjects hated Kanda. AU. Death.

Dreamer's Dream by SUEWL
IP. Summary: 拉比突然想到亲吻。他记得有人说如果能活着,第一件要做的事,就是亲吻自己的爱人。

三月 by 花解舞
Oneshot. Summary: 三月我遇见你。三月我爱上你。从三月开始,我陪在你身边。会陪着你走过一个又一个三月

一池荷渠 by 織田優彌
Oneshot. Summary: The lovers reunite after Lavi went missing during a mission. PWP.

静静的陪着你 by 郁迪
Oneshot. Summary: 关于你的所有,我都不曾忘记。就连你的微笑的弧度,招手的次数,我都是那么小心翼翼的收藏在泛黄的记忆铁盒里。

一池荷渠 by 云影酱
Oneshot. Summary: 在老去的时光里,写给自己。

烛影摇红 by 織田優彌
Oneshot. Summary: 美人倚窗,寂寞深闺。柔肠一寸愁千缕。

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