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A LaviYuu fic rec list with Chinese fics from MyFreshNet. The recs were previously found in my other LaviYuu Chinese fic rec list until it exploded XD. You are welcomed to leave a comment here if you've got a good LaviYuu fic not on this list. :)

Last updated on 24th Jul 09.

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Lavi x Kanda

Note: The following fics are on MyFreshNet, and you need to register (for free) before you can access the site.

騎士精神 by S.K. @ 孤寂上等
Complete. Summary: Lavi has always been Kanda's knight, waiting on him hand and foot and never asking for anything in return. But Kanda doesn't need or want a knight.

寂寞大街 by S.K.
Complete. Summary: On Lonely Street, the streets are quiet and the inhabitants lonely. Until one day a potted plant fell on Lavi's head and he moved into the perpetrator, Yuu's room.

拉比 by S.K.
Oneshot. Summary: Kanda will only love the persona named Lavi. No one else.

東方夢華錄 by S.K.
IP. Summary: As the prince of a great empire, Lavi had dreams of a girl in the Eastern corner of the world waiting for him. When his friend, Allen, traveled to the East to marry a princess due to an arranged marriage, Lavi followed him there in hopes of finding the girl of his dreams. AU.

入土 by S.K.
Complete. Summary: Lavi promised to keep all his smiles for Yuu. Only for him. Death.

魔偶 by S.K.
Complete. Summary: Kanda's golem was very important to him, for whenever he was lonely, it was his golem that connected him to Lavi. Their golems were like another them. Death.

Sweet, sweet, sweet by 绿叶包子 @ 混合式现代主义
Oneshot. Summary: Baby, would you allow me to kiss you? Lemon.

待君袭花 by 绿叶包子
Complete. Summary: On his death bed, Lavi thinks back to the day he lost Kanda's friendship because of his desperation and jealousy. Non-con. Lemon.

惟念不歇 by 绿叶包子
Complete. Summary: To some, it seemed like a challenge, a game, something to past the time. To Lavi, courting Kanda was more than just that, even if it meant going against God.

I love you, babe! by 绿叶包子
Oneshot. Summary: 阿优,牵手会怀孕。

Love lover by 绿叶包子
Oneshot. Summary: At night, the lovers indulge themselves. Lemon.

白色情人节 by 绿叶包子
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi believes that just a little happiness is enough to keep one happy for a very long time. Lemon.

越过 by 绿叶包子
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi spent all his youth courting Kanda, and even his bookman duties will not keep him from the final battle, if it meant staying with his lover.

by 绿叶包子
Oneshot. Summary: In the library, Kanda and Lavi talk about their relationship.

桃花 by 绿叶包子
Oneshot. Summary: What happened after their reunion in Edo.

驯猫十招大全 by 绿叶包子
Oneshot. Summary: After Allen teases Kanda about being the girl in his relationship with Lavi, Kanda decides to defend his male pride by demanding to be on top.

by 绿叶包子
Oneshot. Summary: The women Lavi flirted with during his missions are always coming to the Order to find him, and when they find Kanda instead, all of them tell him how Lavi's always thinking of him and try to play matchmaker instead.

by 绿叶包子
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi and Kanda practise kissing on each other. And Kanda gets jealous when he realizes what a good kisser Lavi is.

中场休息 by 绿叶包子
Oneshot. Summary: After his first mission with Allen, Kanda left alone. Lavi waylays him in the hotel. Lemon.

打賭 by 玥炔 @ H y p o c r i t e
Oneshot. Summary: The last time Lavi won a bet, Allen was made to volunteer himself for Komui's experiments. The last last time Lavi won, a finder was made to indirectly become Komui's test subject. There was no way Kanda was going to join them.

by 玥炔
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi always likes to go to Kanda's room at night to read, and it seems to Kanda that Lavi's been stuck on the same few pages for quite a while.

陌路, 相同 & 聽我說 by 玥炔
Complete. Summary: It was just an insignificant argument, and Kanda, in a fit of anger, demanded a break up. And then he waited for Lavi to apologize and coax him like he always did, only that he did not.

拉神 by 玥炔
Complete. Summary: It's V-day, and Lavi demands hand-made chocolate from his lover.

依戀你的… by 玥炔
Complete. Summary: As Kanda is out on a mission, Lavi waits for him back in the headquarters.

Unapproachable.不可接近 by 优架 @ 此人已死
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi played cards with Allen, knowing that he was going to lose. And when he did lose everything, including the key to his room, he still had Kanda's room.

大头贴 by 优架
Oneshot. Summary: Lavi and Kanda skip classes for the day, and of all places, they went to a neoprint shop. AU.

忘了 and Part 2 by 朔村 悠 @ Praying˙Blessing
Complete. Summary: Kanda's memories are like sand in an hourglass, quietly slipping away. But he can never forget the person who promised to love him forever, even if he can no longer remember his face or name.

短篇集02 by 朔村 悠
Oneshot. Summary: Being university students in completely different majors does not bother Lavi at all. He still makes his daily visits to the chem building and confess his love anyway. AU. Crack.

Lost and Forgotten Part 2 by 朔村 悠
Complete. Summary: After Lavi's death, Kanda takes his place as the bookman heir. But forgetting is easier said than done.

櫻花綻放之時 by 朔村 悠
Complete. Summary: Kanda sustained a fatal injury during the final battle, and while his curse saved him, he only had 6 more months to live. Death.

十七歲的盛夏 by 朔村 悠
Complete. Summary: Kanda can never say 'no' to Lavi, and so he agreed to visit the beach where they'd always gone during their childhood. AU.

拉神愛的觀察日記 by 朔村 悠
Oneshot. Summary: Whenever Lavi and Kanda argue, their children would wander over to Allen and Lenalee's house for shelter.

陪睡 by 影徊若
Oneshot. Summary: When Kanda woke up at night, the person who was supposed to be beside him wasn't there. Fluff.

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